Doctor Arrested For Hidden Camera In Hospital Bathroom. [Dr. Andrew Matthews at Ochsner Hospital]

New Orleans Doctor Andrew Matthews Arrested For Hidden Soy Camera in Hospital Bathroom. #AndrewMatthews #Ochsner #Arrested

A person who was learning to be a doctor at a place called Ochsner got in trouble because he secretly recorded people inside a special bathroom at the hospital. The police caught him, and now he may face charges for doing this to many people. The hospital staff found a camera in the bathroom and told the police about it. The police think there might be more recordings that they will find later. The investigation will take a few weeks to finish.

Ochsner’s Medical Director said that they fired the person who did this and that they are cooperating with the police investigation. They take the safety and privacy of their patients, visitors, and employees very seriously. They checked all the other bathrooms and private areas at the hospital but didn’t find any more hidden cameras. They will help and support their team during this time and keep working with the police to make sure everything is safe.

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