Do Real Men Still Exist? Why Does Society Insist on Feminizing Men?

I want to know if real mean still exist. Society has declared war on masculinity. Feminism is feminizing men.

Why do men feel pressured to not act masculine? Why do women want men to be feminine? Is it wrong to be a man? Why are there so many beta males?

I can remember, back in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s when “metrosexual” was a stab at men who cared about their presentation. Back then, even though men started to care more about style and hygiene, men were still men. Now, in 2020, there’s an attack on anything declared masculine.

What is toxic masculinity? It’s a made up term to attack men. Being a man is not wrong

Take a look at an example of a book which provides a guide for women to turn men into beta boys.
Feminizing Men – A Guide for Males to Achieve Maximum Feminization

Do women still want a real man? Are real men still out there?