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Do you have a DeWALT battery not charging? Let me help you!
If you’re having difficulties charging your Dewalt battery for your Dewalt power tools, this video provides two easy fixes for your Dewalt battery not charging.

My Dewalt battery stopped charging in the charger and it took me a moment to figure out why. Apparently, my newly packed Dewalt battery was not making a firm connection in the charger. I figured out two ways to fix my Dewalt battery from not charging and I shared this information with you in this video. Both of the fixes shown in this video are very simple.

Before I made this tutorial, I was suffering from a DeWALT battery not charging. Once I realized why the dewalt battery won’t charge (18v ni-cd), I was able
to charge and use it in my sawzall instead of making the mistake of throwing it away because I thought it was just another dead nicd power tool battery.

There are many reasons why your power tool battery will no longer take a charge, with the worst possible scenario being the circuit inside the battery pack being bad or the internal rechargeable batteries simply no longer being able to take a charge. Sometimes, the reason why you’re not getting a charge is because the battery charger itself is defective. I have had that happen to me before and it was because it was exposed to rainy weather.

So, unless you’re “made out of money” and can simply treat these types of tools, batteries and chargers as disposable, it pays to do your research. Literally!

And hopefully this video will help you save a functioning battery that simply appears to be a DeWALT battery that won’t charge but not because of any electronic faults. Like in the video, mine was simply worn or ill-fitting plastics!