David Moore Touchdown Dance – Seahawks End Zone Dance vs Viking on MNF

One of the most fun end zone dances happened on Monday Night Football in the game between the Vikings and the Seahawks. David Moore and teammates did a choreographed end zone dance to celebrate!

Did you see the David Moore touchdown dance? Here is a td celebration in the end zone with the David Moore, Seattle Seahawks, end zone celebration, after a 60 yard touchdown reception from Russell Wilson to David Moore, and they had a nicely choreographed end zone celebration. This is the Seattle Seahawks celebration, the David Moore celebration. He’s the wide receiver for the Seahawks who just caught a beautiful 60 yard TD reception. This was on Monday Night Football vs the Vikings.

Beautiful. It deserves a little dance. It deserves this little celebration. Sometimes I review stuff and sometimes I talk NFL. Leave a comment. What do you think?