Copper Chef “Perfect Egg Maker” Review and Demonstration.

I got my hands on the Copper Chef “Perfect Egg Maker” for $1.99 from my local Salvation Army. #CopperChef #EggCooker #PerfectEggMaker
After getting familiar with it, and making a few batches of perfectly cooked, hard-boiled eggs, I felt I had to make this video to share my experience with this little kitchen appliance. If you’ve been curious about this egg cooker, you’ll want to watch this video. You just might learn a thing or two!

This is a machine that makes hard-boiled eggs perfectly. You can cook up to 14 eggs at a time, and it’s really easy to use. Just put the eggs on the trays, add water, and turn it on. You have to make a little hole on top of the egg with a special tool or something else. The machine will cook the eggs, and when it turns off, they’re ready. But be careful because they’re really hot! You can let them cool down or put them in an ice bath. It’s a great machine, and even if you’re not good at cooking, you can still make perfect eggs. It’s not too expensive, and you can find it online.

I hope you enjoy my copper chef perfect egg maker review. No matter the options, like even if you bought one that says copper chef deluxe perfect egg maker (it’s the same), you should be thrilled like I am at how easy and foolproof it is to use. And while I only showed you how I make hard-boiled eggs in the device, you can use it to make poached eggs and omelettes!

If you’re looking for the user manual, check the link below for a .pdf of the copper chef perfect egg maker instructions:

Here’s where you can buy this device:

Amazon (Elite Gourmet):


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Home Depot:

Perfect Egg Maker FAQ on Official Copper Chef Website: