Chuck Email Client for iOS Review

I want a different experience for my emails on my iPhone. I had high hopes for Chuck. Here’s my experience using the app.

I just downloaded this email client and am trialing the Pro experience. I want to use one client for my business email accounts and keep gmail app for my personal email accounts. I downloaded Chuck, activated the 7-day Pro trial, and set it up to see if it could handle my needs to manage my emails for Silly Reviews.

This is what the inbox looks like using the Chuck email client on iOS.
What I need is the email client to have notifications for new email, ability to have a html signature, and ability to show a bubble on the app icon indicating how many unread emails are waiting for me in my inbox. So far, Chuck isn’t fitting the bill.
I simply can’t use an email client that doesn’t have something in the inbox indicating I’ve already replied to the email. If I’m missing something, someone please let me know. Maybe there’s a setting I need to adjust.
Also, I do not like how an email with multiple back and forth messages isn’t grouped in the inbox as a conversation. Instead, each reply from the other person is its own separate email. I do not like that at all. Again, if there is a setting for this I can adjust, please let me know.
The signature option is very flexible. I can copy and paste a complex email signature to use, simply add text and/or an image, or use a full-on html email signature. I like that, but it costs up to $3.99/month for that feature.
For my needs, I can’t recommend the Chuck Email App. But everyone’s needs are different, so you and Chuck might get along better.
To test drive the app yourself, you can download it from the App Store using the following link: apps.apple.com/lv/app/chuck-smarter-email/id1163872233