Can You Wash Liquid Stitch Fabric Mender? Let’s Find Out!

If you repaired fabric with Dritz LIQUID STITCH™ you probably want to know can you wash Liquid Stitch Fabric Mender.
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I recently repaired some work pants with this fabric mender so I could get at least one more wear out of them. Pleasantly surprised, the glue held through an entire day of washing cars where I was wet throughout most of that day. After 24 hours, I decided to see if I could wash the pants and find out if Dritz LIQUID STITCH™ would hold up in the washing machine.
The results you can see in the video.

What Is Liquid Stitch?
Dritz Liquid Stitch™ fabric mender is a fast-drying adhesive that mends rips, tears, and holes in most fabrics; this glue can also be used to apply patches, sequins and to secure hems.

What do people use liquid stitch for?
Dritz LIQUID STITCH™ is most commonly used to repair most fabric surfaces including clothing, furniture, and accessories. I used it on a pair of pants.

How much does Dritz LIQUID STITCH™ cost?
you can purchase Dritz LIQUID STITCH™ from Walmart for about $7.50 or on Amazon for about $10.00.

Would I use Dritz LIQUID STITCH™ again?
After having such positive results, I would definitely use this fabric mender glue again!

Liquid Stitch Safety Data Sheet: