Best Cheap Cotton Swabs – Better Than Q-Tips!!

Recently, I was in the parking lot of Big Lots when suspicion around me started to cultivate unwanted attention by people around me. To suppress the unwanted scrutiny of my behavior and motives, I put on my, “normal Joe” act then headed into Big Lots.

As I did my best impression of a, “typical shopper” I decided to grab a cart and throw in some inexpensive items. One of those items just might change your life and mine.

Q-tips are a brand of cotton swabs which are so popular, they’ve become a prime example of genericization, that is, people call any cotton swab a “Q-tip.” In most instances, the rolled paper used in Q-tips cotton swabs (in the handle) are of a superior quality than a generic. Depending on the application you’re using them for, the increased cost is usually justified by the increase in quality.

Today, I found these “wood stick” cotton swabs. In my opinion, these are of superior quality and value to Q-tips branded cotton swabs. When on sale, they only cost $1.00 for 300 of them.

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