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Watch this video to learn how I made free money with no strings attached. The free money you can make on CoinBase is rather incredible! Just for watching some brief tutorials, then answering a few questions, you get free cryptocurrency. I’m surprised I can’t find much info about this on reddit’s r/beermoney subreddit. It’s some of the easiest money (once converted or spent) I’ve ever made!
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This video shows you how I made approximately $15 in cryptocurrency in only 30 minutes! Easy money from Coinbase when you take advantage of their rewards.
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Coinbase users can often add free cryptocurrencies to their wallet by completing their simple tutorials which are offered as rewards. If you’re using the Coinbase app, just tap on the menu and view “my rewards.”
After I earn the various amounts in various cryptocurrencies, I convert them to bitcoin then send out of my Coinbase wallet into the btc address of my wallet on Cash App. It’s that easy!

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0:00 Showing Proof of Easy Money
0:04 Explaining How To Use Coinbase Rewards to Earn Free Crypto Currency
3:21 Epilogue