🍲 When to Add Rice to Soup, Stew or Gumbo even in a Crock Pot!

mateur Chefs often wonder when to add rice to soup. And you may also not know when to add rice to your homemade stew or gumbo. Whether you’re adding rice to a pot on the stove or a meal you’re making in your crock pot, you’re going to want to watch this instructional video so your meal comes out perfect!
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Today at Walmart, I spotted cabbage on sale for $0.19/lb.That’s an incredible price which means I had to pick up some heads of cabbage as well as the ground meat, vegetables and rice for my world-famous cabbage soup. And if you want to get really particular, this homemade comfort food may even be considered gumbo.

This cabbage soup is really easy to make. I boil the cabbage and vegetables with some secret spices until the cabbage is nice and tender. While that’s cooking, I brown my ground meat then toss it in. The final step is adding uncooked rice. This is where things can get tricky.

Watch this video to find out how to properly add uncooked rice to your own soup, stew or gumbo. Now that I think about it, this will also help you when you want to know when to add rice to chicken soup which is always perfect in the wintertime!