You Wont Believe What Happened When I Tried To Sell My iPhone on Ebay!

The title and thumbnail are how people get lots of views, right?

Story: After a random chat with my buddy Jeff about making extra money selling stuff on Ebay, Craigslist, Marketplace, etc., I decided to do some spring cleaning to see what was just collecting dust can could potential still be of value to someone else. Among other gadgets and what-nots, I found this 32GB iPhone 52 that has a broken screen, dead zones on the touchscreen and other issues. (continued after links)

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So, you’re not going to BELIEVE what happened when I tried to sell this iPhone 5s on Ebay……I got MORE than what I was expecting. That’s right! I told myself I’d be happy if I got at least $35….and I got more than that!

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I hope you can appreciate the amount of clickbait in the title and thumbnail.


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