Wireless Car Mount Charger Review – CNSL Wireless Car Charger Mount

This is my review of the CNSL wireless car charger mount. As far as wireless car mount chargers go, this one might be the absolute coolest!
Buy Online: www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07QGYHHFX

Modern phones not have built-in wireless charging. This wireless technology is known as Qi wireless charging or AirFuel wireless charging. Basically, within a certain proximity, your modern smartphone, like a Samsung Galaxy or an Apple iPhone, can charge by simply being placed on a compatible charging pad or within range of a wireless charging station. Wile not truly “wireless”, the technology is advancing and is already very convenient.

In this review, I feature the CNSL Wireless Charging Mount. This is an great example of original engineering that provides users with a convenient way to simply set their phone down on a mount and focus on the road as the phone charges and spits out your favorite music or directions.

This wireless charging mount for your car, truck, van or suv is capable of an jaw-dropping 10 watts of charging power, and can automatically grab and hold your smartphone tight. With the simple press of a button, your phone is released, so you can grab it and go.

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