Why Is Donut Shop Coffee So Popular?

Donut Shop K-Cups seem to be in everyone’s basket and at everyone’s home. Why is this?
Only when the weather is cold outside do I enjoy drinking hot coffee. It’s something I look forward to in the morning that, at least for me, becomes completely undesirable when it is hot outside.

I have one of those k-cup machines that makes the task of brewing a cup of coffee very simple and stress-free. For my first coffee purchase of the season, I found myself picking up a boy of Donut Shop style coffee pods. These k-cups seemed really familiar to me. This familiarity was due to me realizing that nearly every time I choose a roast for coffee, it’s nearly always this medium roast which now goes by the name “donut shop” coffee. I have lots of questions that get addressed in this video. One question that I forgot to ask in the video is, “Is “donut style” coffee supposed to replicate what Dunkin Donuts has always served?” Maybe you can enjoy watching it with a cup of coffee.

What’s your favorite kind of coffee to brew at home? Leave a comment and let us know!

Donut Shop K-Cups Single Pods on Amazon

Donut Shop K-Cups Single Pods At Walmart

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