Westsoy Soy Milk Review

In 2017, you can still get a lot for a dollar.

While producing this Westsoy Soy Milk Review, I couldn’t help but reminisce about a woman I was with for a couple years. For as beautiful and funny as she was, she also annoyed the ever-loving shit out of me with her hippie attitudes and opinions. She hitched on to the gluten-free, cage-free, soy, lactose, whatever the trendy stuff was, bandwagon. This mean, without fail, she would comment on my dairy milk drinking ways. Well, look at me now. I’m single, she’s married and I’m drinking Dollar Tree soy milk.

What is it?

Marketed as a healthy, lactose-free, dairy-free alternative to cow’s milk. Apparently, it can “enhance” ones diet. Made from organic soybeans, this beverage contains differing amounts of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Each 8 ounce serving delivers 5 grams of soy protein. It’s conveniently packaged and keeps for up to a year without using preservatives or refrigeration.

Westsoy Soy Milk Review Conclusion:

My Westsoy Soy Milk Review concludes with come positive parting words. I like this stuff. It’s cheap and convenient. It tastes good and I’m a loyal customer. Being able to pick up several cartons of this stuff so I always have some available, is one of its best qualities. I just hope the rumors from the early 2000’s aren’t true. Back then, when soy started booming in mainstream popularity, it was believed that males consuming soy would experience increased estrogen levels which would lead to man boobs or “bitch tits.”

I hope you found my Westsoy Soy Milk Review helpful.