Save Hot Water with this $5.98 Shower Flow Control from Home Depot! Trickle Water While Lathering.

I was looking for an easy and affordable way to save hot water in the shower without having to turn the water on and off or reach down to control the flow of hot water while I take a shower.
Order Online: bit.ly/37pRGAL
This is especially important during the winter because if I try to conserve the hot water while I’m shaving or lathering up, turning off the water for a short period of time leads to a period of cold water when I turn the water back on. I wanted to put something inbetween the shower head and the shower arm so I could easily slow down the flow of water without completely stopping the request from the hot water heater. I found what I was looking for at Home depot and it only cost me $5.98!

What I found is made by Glacier Bay and can be foundd in the bath and shower aisles of your nearest Home Depot as well as online. Now, I’m sure you can find a show flow restrictor like this at Lowes as well, but my nearest home imporovement store is Home Depot. For this shower head control valve, look for these identifying part and product numbers: Model # 3075-552, Store SKU #375713, Internet #204511124

Installation of this shower flow reducer was a breeze. I unscrewed my shower head, screwed in the flow restricting push button flow control valve to the shower arm, then screwed my shower head onto the Glacier Bay flow controller. It works exactly as described. Keep in mind, this does not completely stop the flow of water. At its most restrictive setting, it allows a trickle of water which will keep the water warm.