Saline Soothers Review and Video

Get those boogers wet, then blow them into a tissue.

When I did this Saline Soothers Review, I was hoping to get a little relief from my own, reddened and irritated nose. The nam eof the product says it all. Saline Soothers are for relief from the irritation that can occur from a dry nose being irritated when you blow it or did our boogers. It was winter time, and I has some sinus issues. Half the day my nose would be running while the other half of the day I would be stuffed up, dry and in pain from the irritation caused from trying to blow my nose and pick crispy boogers out of it.

Irritation Relief

You can use them like a tissue.The moisture from the saline, and the fact that they feel kind of cold, will provide relief to your nasal passage and nasal cavity. During my Saline Soothers review, I wanted to just hang out with them in my nose. They really did feel that good. I would imagine you could also wipe your butt with these and it would feel pretty good. Heck, I’m thinking of all kinds of possible applications for these saline infused nose wipes. Maybe they would provide some relief during a hyper herpes breakout. I will have to wait for that to happen before I can report back.

While your irritated nose could be just from the common cold or because you are digging for nose gold too often, you may also be suffering from chlorine poisoning. I don’t want to scare you, but I do want you to keep that in mind.

Do Saline Soothers Work?

Absolutely! I enjoyed the hell out of them. They made my nose all moist and comfortable. I would recommend them. Thankfully, I don’t deal with allergies or frequent, common colds. But, if I did, I think I would definitely keep a pack of these around.