RKX Vacuum Pump Repair Kit Review – Fix Volkswagen Oil Leak

You can buy this vacuum pump repair kit directly from RKX: www.rkxtech.com/products/rkx-vw-audi-2-5l-vacuum-pump-reseal-rebuild-kit
This pump repair kit is applicable to many 5th Generation Volkswagen vehicles. These could include the 2006-2011 Jetta, Golf, Rabbit, Sportwagen, Beatle and Passat. If it’s got a 2.5L Volksagen Engine, it’s probably got this part and this problem.

Car repairs can be difficult and expensive. This leaking vacuum pump in my 2006 Volkswagen Jetta is certainly no exception. For this problem, you’re probably searching for the RKX VW Audi 2.5L Vacuum Pump Reseal / Rebuild Kit Jetta MKv leak fix by RKXtech and want to know if it works and if it’s any good. Will this kit repair your leaky vacuum pump and save you thousands of dollars? Watch this review to find out.

This repair kit for 2.5 liter Volkswagen and Audi vehicles is an expensive fix for a costly problem. The vacuum pump itself costs over $300. The labor is expensive. If you’re experience puddles of oil beneath your German engineering vehicle, you’ll want to consider this kit for the repair. It works! There were was a small ring for the valve and two gaskets. One of the gaskets was metal. The others were rubber.

This problem can happen to may of the Volkswagens like the Volkswagen Jetta, Volkswagen Golf, Volkswagen Rabbit, Volkswagen Sportwagen, Volkswagen Beatle and even the Volkswagen Passat. That’s not even mentioning the different Audi cars that have the same or similar issue.