Repurpose Perfume and Cologne into an Air Freshener or Room Refresher

Here’s a great idea to repurpose old or unwanted perfume and cologne. I recently received some samples of Atelier Cologne fragrances. The fragrance in this video is Clémentine California and it’s supposed to be unisex. I found the fragrance to be a bit too feminine for me, so I figured out what else I could use it for instead of spraying it on my body.

I’m going to use this fresh and citrusy cologne/perfume to freshen up my bathroom by spraying it on the curtain every now and then. One thing I have noticed about colognes and perfumes, even older ones that may have lost some potency, is that the scent lasts way longer than typical air fresheners.

Here’s a link to the perfume I’m using. It smells amazing, it’s just not masculine enough for me: www.ateliercologne.com/clementine-california-30-ml.html