Refrigerator Not Cooling? Try This For How To Fix Your Refrigerator.

Before you toss you malfunctioning refrigerator, try this easy fix.
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My Whirlpool double door refrigerator with ice maker, ice dispenser and water dispenser stopped getting cold. I noticed the compressor was not turning on like it should. Out of desperation, and ignorance, I found that running my shoulder into the ‘fridge would kick the compressor on. My refrigerator is only 9 years old, which made this failure increasingly frustrating. My grandma had a refrigerator that was nearly 30 years old and still worked fine. Is this planned obsolescence?

Anyway, it’s possible your refrigerator is not cooling because there is a heavy buildup of dust and gunk on the coils and compressor. Why is your refrigerator not working? This could be because a cleaning is needed. This could lead to the compressor overheating. Try my fix before you toss your expensive appliance.


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