Prank Call – Yelp Reviewer Thinks She Is Getting Free Food

Maybe this is a wake up call to anyone who constantly “checks in” on their favorite social media app or review app.

I did a twitter sear for “Yelp.com” and the results gave me dozens of people who were tagging their location and checking in at bars and restaurants.

This lady got fooled into thinking she was a specials, platinum, Yelp! reviewer who was about to dine and drink on Yelp’s nickel.

This style of prank was heavily influenced by @PhoneLosers who have given me endless entertainment. Check them out on YouTube:

Leave a comment to let me know if this was too harsh of a prank, or if you really liked it and would like to hear more like this. I did make a decision, based on her social media posts, that this lady wasn’t hurting for money.