Mr. Olympia Sample Box Unboxing and Review (

“You like, muscles?” ~Lester Burnham offers “Sample Boxes” for sale on their site. This is an unboxing video and review of the Mr. Olympia Sample Box. They’re a fun way to get a mystery box of products, all fitting within a specific shopping category. What’s more, the money you spend on the sample box gets returned to you in the form of a credit which can be spend on a bunch of different items, some which have nothing to do with the sample box’s category. For instance, I used my credit from my purchase of the “Suds” sample box to buy rechargeable batteries. Recently, I realized I could simply roll over my sample box credit to get another sample box. Hopefully I can repeat this process and turn $9.99 into boxes and boxes of goodies.

“Rolling over” my credit from my purchase of the “Sports Nutrition Sample Box” ($9.99) to get the “Mr. Olympia Sample Box” ($9.99) provided me, essentially, with two sample boxes for the price of one. Now, I have another $9.99 credit I’m hoping I can apply to a different sample box.
*you can’t buy the sample sample box more than once with the same Amazon Prime account. Let’s see what’s inside.

What was revealed in the Mr. Olympia Sample Box Unboxing?

Here’s a list of everything I received in my Mr. Olympia Sample box:


Overall, I am extremely satisfied with my Mr. Olympia Sample Box. Each item included is something I have either used in the past or look forward to using. This is in contrast to my satisfaction, or lack thereof, of the Sports Nutrition Sample Box, which was full of BCAA powders (Branch Chain Amino Acids) which I had little interest in and I viewed as inexpensive fillers.

Two Thumbs Up!