Micro Touch Max Review

One time, my friend wanted to borrow my Micro Touch Max. That’s gross.

Not surprisingly, “Micro Touch Max Review” is a rather popular search on Google. Body hair has been out of style for decades. A beard on a man’s face is is popular. A beard on or around your sensitive areas is frowned upon. The human body always seems to be out of touch with the mainstream public’s opinion on body hair. As a man, my two most frequent battles with hair include getting rid of hair in my nose and hair in my ears. I even have a few coarse, dark hairs that grow on the outside of my ears. Wouldn’t it be nice if the man with the most nose hair was looked at as desirable? Until he who is hairiest is king, I’ll keep searching for hair trimming and removal solutions.

When did body hair become so stigmatized?

My father hooked a very attractive woman (my mother), yet he told me he never worried about trimming nose hairs, trimming/shaping his eyebrows, or trimming the hair in his ears. So, why did I feel then need to shave my arms when I was a freshman in high school? Other guys on the football team were shaving their body hair. We saw it as a way to better show off our muscle definition. Now here I am in my thirties, and I still shave my arms. I just feel like it looks, “cleaner.”

As for the more discreet body hair, what a grooming tool like the Micro Touch Max is designed for, I know I’ve been grooming those areas for decades. Am I just some kind of “pretty boy” or “Nancy?” I honestly can’t remember a single even that trigger my habits of trimming my ear hairs, plucking my nose hairs or trimming and shaping my eyebrows.

Even though I don’t know exactly why I’ve always maintained my body hair, I do feel like there’s a social pressure to do so.

The Micro Touch Max Review

The micro touch max is an As Seen On Tv product designed to make spot-trimming and removal of body hair quick, easy and painless. While the Micro Touch Max does all those things well, I don’t find that this gadget for grooming does them any better than the other personal trimmers that have always been available.

My recommendation for a body hair trimmer would be to find the best price. I’ve never had one last longer than a few months. Their short lifespans are usually caused by getting wet, rusting or being dropped.