Laundry Hack – Homemade Laundry Scent Booster Using Essential Oils

My homemade recipe, using essential oils, will help you have extra fresh clothes while saving you money vs. popular retail options.
Scent boosters and enhancers have become really popular. It used to be that to get a fresh scent from your laundy, you’d buy a powerful detergent, like Tide, Gain or Surf, or you’d use scented dryer sheets. Nowadays, products like Downy Unstopables, Downy Beads, Gain Fireworks, FunkAway, Final Touch, Simply Done, Dreft Blissfuls, Purex Crystals and Snuggle Scent Boosters are very popular. It seems like the more scent on your laundry, the better! Well, that stuff is expensive.

In my video, I should you a DIY laundry scent booster technique, using essential oils, that will save you money and leave your clothes smelling AMAZING!

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