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Traser H3 Watch Review

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If you’re looking for a hot new watch this summer, look no further than the traser h3 watch. There’s not doubt about it, this watch is hot! I’ve seen 6 different varieties of this watch, with my favorite being the Mens Watch with the Stainless Steel Xtreme-Tec Black Dial. That watch just screams class, if you ask me.

Traser makes excellent watches. Really, Traser makes the perfect blend of style and durability come to life in their creations. They also haven’t left out those on tighter budgets because they have some of of the best values in the world of watches. If my favorite H3 is a little out of your price range, check out the one that’s selling for just over $100, the Traser H3 Military Men’s Watch with the Black Resin Military Nylon Leather Strap.

I’ve never been big on being a man who wears jewelry, but a watch is not included in this line of thinking. Women look at two things when they meet or see a man whom sparks their interest. The first is their watch. And, the second thing women look at on a man is their shoes. With this watch on, she won’t even bother looking any lower than your wrist.

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11 Responses to "Traser H3 Watch Review"

  1. delightfularound says:

    I’d like to buy my boyfriend a nice watch for Christmas. While I’m primarily looking for something he could use at the office (he works in a major personal financial wealth firm), it would be nice if the watch was a bit versatile as to be appropriate in casual situations as well. But this watch will be primarily used for work, where it’s paramount that the watch be fashionable and appropriate. I’m looking to spend no more than $350.

    I need to know:
    1. Which types of watches are appropriate for businessmen, and would work well in casual settings too? (leather bands? metal bands? thick or thin? Chronograph? etc.)
    2. Which brands are considered business appropriate? (Armani? CK? Hugo Boss? Lacoste? D&G?)

    I’m a bit partial to some of these below, are any of these appropriate?


    I need as detailed a response as possible as I know almost nothing about watches or finance culture. Thanks a bunch!

  2. ostrichglozing says:

    Also if you can, can you do it at home or does it need to be done by a watch shop?
    The strap is metal, the make is calvin klein

  3. looslack says:

    I want to get my boyfriend a watch (preferably digital) for his birthday in about a month. He is a teen in high school. He is into sports so I don’t want to get something really fancy. He wears his brother’s often when running. I don’t really want to $100 or more. I was considering this one:


    Feel free to suggest others.

  4. furrowedstale says:

    Are they suppost to be alot of money?
    I recently went to an antique store just to look around.
    I saw a Mens not real gold and silver mens watch and they were selling it for cheap.
    Are these watches worth anyhting I just looked some up on ebay but this one didn’t look like the one I saw.
    I was thinking of going back and buying it.

  5. sweepthigh says:

    I am not saying spend tons of money per se but something stylish.

    What looks good on a man from your view .

  6. murmerquixotic says:

    I’m not too familiar with the tops watches (name, quality, and value). I was looking at a few Gevril watches that looked nice – are these high end watches? The ones I saw were around $3,000. Are these watches a well a known brand and worth that kind of money? Thanks in advance…

  7. streaktaking says:

    I know Rolex is the best and most expansive brand of men’s watches at south coast plaza. what’s the order of best and most expansive brand of men’s watches at south coast plaza mall in orange county, CA ?

  8. ambushmorass says:


    any other mens watches you would suggest

  9. furrowedstale says:

    Any recommendations?

    It needs to have a vibrating alarm, and it’d be cool if it could show the temperature or had a compass. I will be outside almost all summer and need something durable. Plus I want it to look cool. Price range is 0-300 bucks or so.


  10. clutchingvine says:

    First they pinch our jeans then they pinch our watches – it’s not right.

  11. fearfulflabbergasted says:

    I have a Vacheron Constantin swiss 25 jewels mens watch that you can see the inside mecinisms and it has the numbers 750 42005 73998 on the back. on the front it says VACHERON CONSTANTIN GENEVE. it has a genuine black leather band that on one side says VACHERON CONSTATIN on the other side of the band it says genuine leather.the clasp says vecheron constantin geneve on it
    sure do appreciate your friendly answer. I will take your advice and ask a professional. Thank you for your wonderful answer.

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