Is Papa John’s Racist? Why’d A White Male get Extra Food??

Papa John’s Pizza had a rough 2018. Having your founder, John Schnatter, be forced to resign after sensitive Americans and Media cried racism for John Schnatter quoting someone else dropping an N-Bomb during a conference call with a PR firm isn’t the easiest image to fix.

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Well, it’s 2019 and Papa John’s is still one of the most popular pizza chains in America. I decided to share my experience when I ordered some pizza and bread sticks. I placed my order in December of 2018.

SPOILER: Did Papa John’s give me extra food because of my last name? I have a very German last name and I wonder if that had anything to do with Papa John’s giving me MORE PIZZA than I ordered or expected. And if that is the case, and there are definitely black German’s, did Papa John’s ASSUME MY ETHNICITY?

Please watch the entire video then leave your comments on the matter. Has Papa John’s cleaned up their act? Do you believe I was shown privilege and favoritism by Papa John’s?

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