Identity Stronghold RFID Wallet Review

It’s like a tinfoil hat for your wallet.

If your paranoia is getting the best of you, and you think you’re surrounded by criminals with unauthorized RFID readers, you may want to consider investing in one of these RFID wallets. The Identity Stronghold RFID Wallet review video below will show you my opinion about the quality of the wallet, as well as give you a tour of its features.

While I don’t believe I’ve ever been a victim of virtual pickpocketing (also known as electronic pickpocketing and digital pickpocketing), I have had someone attempt to steal my wallet from my back pocket.

Back in 1996, I saved up my hard-earned money to buy a plane ticket. My destination was Chicago, Illinois. I was 16 years old, and the year previous, my high school girlfriend moved away. I came up with a very successful plan to make homemade beef jerky which I would sell to friends, schoolmates and teachers for a profit. Some kids sell weed. I was slanging beef. My little business venture was incredibly successful. Within no time at all, I had saved up enough to fly myself from New Orleans, LA to Chicago, IL.

After a day of getting comfortable at a newly built house which echoed every single little noise, and realizing I was about to go 5+ days without being able to take a dump, We were off to downtown Chicago to visit the Sears tower. While waiting in line, to go up the elevator, there was a man who was standing uncomfortably close to me. I made mention of this to my girlfriend, which she replied with, ” I think he’s trying to steal your wallet!” Other people in line started voicing their same concern. While this Identity Stronghold RFID Wallet wouldn’t have helped me in that situation, it may help you in yours.

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