8 Sunsations Liquid Dish Soap

Sunsations Liquid Dish Soap Video Review

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When you hit the supermarket or your local Wally World, there’s almost always a huge section dedicated to dish soaps. from liquids to powders, which one do you choose? First, leave those stores and head over to your local dollar store. Next, pick up a bottle of Sunsations liquid dish soap. Congrats! You just saved a few pennies.OXO Good Grips 1056039 Soap Dispensing Scrub Wand

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8 Responses to "Sunsations Liquid Dish Soap Video Review"

  1. Ann Marie says:

    I use the cheap stuff too. Works just as good. Why not save 50 cents or a dollar or so? It’s just soap. Even if it’s a little watered down, it still works well.

  2. negativeinquisitive says:

    I need to get makeup that is affordable yet stays for a long time. I’m going to wally world later, so I need to get it from there.
    Thanks everyone! I think I’m going to buy the 3 most suggested brands, then test them to figure out who has the best answer!
    Thank you!

  3. boomerangcorps says:

    Can anyone tell me what episode of the Simpsons this occurred. Wally World had just opened and the kids were at Homer to take them.. Wally World.. no… WW..no… WW..no. This went on for hours until finally Homer relented.. if I take you kids to WW will you leave me alone? Season number and episode would be greatly appreciated.

  4. panscientific says:

    Does anybody know the figurines you can buy from Wally world?I want to make those waterproof to add some decor to my aquarium.

  5. cooklittle says:

    I need to go from Wal-Mart (where I will by said bacon) and bike about five miles to its final location. How do I keep it from spoiling along the way? It will take me an approximate 30-45 minutes to get from Wally World to the final destination.
    Mind you, I’m in the Texas heat. It has yet to cool down here. So even despite that, 45 minutes will not destroy my bacon?

  6. pitcheerful says:

    I Heard the word walmart in so many times. But i dont know about that. Please give me a detailed information about that..

  7. gymnastdollop says:

    Okay, so my iPod just……quit working. But it’s still under warranty, and I have the original boxes, papers, everything. Everything except for the receipt. Do you think they would return it or exchange it? (I prefer exchange)

  8. whirrtweezers says:

    pound the counter and till popped open…..he replaced the cash with a check

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