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Dollar Store Anti-Fog Spray Review

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It may seem weird to some, but my bi-weekly trips to my local Dollar Tree are very exciting to me. I like shopping at dollar stores because you really never know what you’re going to find. Some stuff is laughable, while other stuff is wonderful. During my last visit, I spotted some anti-fog spray. I was excited and skeptical.

Anti-fog spray has many uses. You can use it in your bathroom, to keep your mirrors from fogging up. You can use it on the inside of your vehicle’s windows to prevent fogging and increase driver visibility and safety. Paintball players, and other people who use goggles, find anti-fog spray very useful.

I just scored a nice size bottle of anti-fog spray for only a dollar. The popular name brand anti-fog spray cost as much as $8.00 for an equivalent size. Would this anti-fog be a great value? Is it a bargain for the ages? Watch the video below to find out.

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22 Responses to "Dollar Store Anti-Fog Spray Review"

  1. cynicaldiving says:

    Can you please tell me where I can buy;

    “Speedo Anti-Fog Goggle Spray”

    In the UK and online?

    Thank you in advance.

  2. listenercells says:

    I do not want to use anti-fogging spray. From an air-conditioned bus or MRT train I walk out into the hot air (temperature 29degrees C). I cannot see. I must remove my glasses. Is there such a thing as an anti-fogging coating on the lenses?

  3. negativeinquisitive says:

    Well. I just got a hockey helmet half visor for my son, and he keeps complaining about how bad it is fogging up. We have tried the anti-fog, and a few other things. But it keeps fogging! I heard dishsoap works well but also distorts the image through the visor.

  4. competetemperamental says:

    How do they work, like what to companys do to thier mask/goggles to make them anti fog?

  5. tuglast says:

    I have anti-fog ski goggles that aren’t scratched up but they have a few dried water spots from their last use. Can i use lens cleaner on both sides? and if not, what can i use?

  6. contemptuousfishingrod says:

    I bought some last week,(3 for $10) and they all fogged up. Yesterday I bought a pair for $15 and within 5 minutes, they fogged up and the anti-fog coating was peeling off! I just want to swim and be able to see through my goggles! What can I do!? Please Help

  7. clappeddiamond says:

    Anti fog film provides the most advanced fog free system available to eliminate the steaming up of windows. The hydrophilic coated window film causes moisture to spread invisibly into an even layer, rather than forming vision-obscuring drops, which are seen as mist. What’t more, I want to know if anti fog film have any other uses?

  8. programmermaterial says:

    I have Tyr Anti fog

    anyone know of the best way to apply it (better than the instructions say)

    or anything that i can do thats better than an anti fog?

  9. boomerangcorps says:

    they are meant to be anti fog but steam up so fast and really bad. i bought this spray off ebay but it only really works on my normal glasses i wear every day and bathroom mirrors and things. any ideas, ones that work would be good.

  10. tencowardly says:

    Hi, I’ve just picked up a GoPro Hero 3 Silver edition and noticed that they are selling anti fog inserts. I am mainly going to use the camera for skiing so I was wondering if the anti fog inserts were needed for skiing? Thanks!

  11. hairyhand says:

    and where can i get them?

  12. shaftcarmine says:

    I’m currently using Speedo brand. It works OK but it’s not great. Any suggestions of other brands/products would be appreciated.

  13. chirpbadminton says:

    http://www.walmart.com/ip/Crosman-Airsoft-Battle-Goggles/10928547 (7$)


    http://www.evike.com/product_info.php?products_id=29160 (I can pick up used for $14 or new for $25)

    Which is better FOR THE PRICE? I play airsoft occasionally.

  14. callousrelish says:

    I resently went out for a day of skiing and ended up having to give my goggles a wipe down due to swet and fogging up. What happend was that i wiped to hard on the inside and smeared the anit fog coating on my Dragon Mase goggles. Is there any way to fix this to have them look crystal clear like when i bought them? or any ski/board shop fix this problem?

  15. distractedstraddisc says:

    I’m just wondering have anyone bought any make up from Dollar Tree before? And if you have, was it good? I’m just researching on quality of products that doesn’t cost a lot.

  16. whirrtweezers says:

    i just bought the new seth morrisons to go snowboarding in and i totally forgot to ask if they were anti-fog…anyone know this?

  17. gymnastdollop says:

    I just got anti-fog for my swim goggles and it doesn’t work at all. What are some recipes for homemade anti-fog that works really well for a long time?

  18. glowleep says:

    I’ve been having a look around, and I’ve seen some products for stopping condensation build up in the interior of cars for around the £10 mark. May just be me being cheap, but is there any way of making up your own solution? I’ve looked on the internet and saw something about mixing water with vinegar, but nobody actually says it works. Any tips?

  19. choppedfarflung says:

    i’ve just purchsed a anti fog solution and when i apply it on my goggle it is like a layer of wax and i can’t even see clearly, sure theres no more fog but i can’t even see…am i using it wrong? is there a easier way? how do i use this product effectively THX!!!

  20. rawfishgreat says:

    I found speedo goggles just today from storage.i think it still usable, although when you put ‘em on, there seems to be blotches or stains in the eyepiece, making it hard to see through the goggles. i tried using alcohol to wipe it off, but its still there. can anyone help me??

  21. shockingglossy says:

    Which anti fogging agent on the glass (for my side windows) do you recommend and any information I should know?
    I have a 99 Chevy Malibu.

  22. ripcavities says:

    ok so i think i got pregnant in january but i havent taken a test and im a teen and cant afford nothing else please help

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