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Flex Shampoo Review – $1.00 from Dollar General

Always looking for a good deal on grooming products, I found this Flex Shampoo for $1.00 over at Dollar General. This is my Flex Shampoo Review. This is Flex Herbal + Volumizing Coconut Hemp Seed Oil Shampoo that’s supposed to help create volume and body. There are even herbal extracts!

I have longer hair and it’s wavy. Being a nearly 40-year old man, my hair is getting thinner. Now, since both my wallet and my hair are getting thinner, I need to find a good deal on shampoo that helps give m y hair the appearance of being thicker, but also smells really good.

Possibly, I was tricked by this brand. I know Revlon has a somewhat premium shampoo named Flex that has been around for decades. I thought this Flex shampoo was the Revlon brand. After doing some research, I do not believe this Flex Herbal + Volumizing Coconut Hemp Seed Oil Shampoo is made by Revlon. I could be wrong, but after visiting their website, I see no mention of Revlon.

Have you tried Flex hair care products from Dollar General (or anywhere else)? What do you think about them? Leave a comment.