Fix Stuck Key or Repeating Keys on a Mechanical Keyboard

Stuck keys on a keyboard can be annoying as heck. This how to fix a stuck or repeating key on a mechanical keyboard. On my Razer keyboard, the “s” key would double and triple each entry. In this little tutorial, you’ll see how you can possibly fix your stuck or repeating key on your mechanical keyboard.

If you’re seeing multiple entries each time you press a key or even multiple keys, this fix may help you. You may have a stuck or repeating key on your laptop. If you have a stuck letter or repeating letter on your laptop, this may or may not help you. You need to see which type of keyboard your laptop has.

My keyboard is a Razer BlackWidow and it has a letter that keeps repeating. Basically, I press the key on the keyboard and the letter would show up more than once and sometimes two or three or even more times.

This quick fix can help you with repeating keys and letters on all kinds of different laptops and desktops. You might have an Apple or Windows or Linux.

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