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Xbox 360 Controller, Westinghouse 23″ LCD, and RF-Link Wireless Audio/Video sender Review with video

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What you are about to watch will revolutionize sillyreviews.com forever. It’s the first three-for-one review on SillyReviews.com EVER! In this review, I’ll be covering the Xbox 360 Standard Controller, the Westinghouse 23″ monitor, and the RF-Link Audio-Video sender/receiver. The reason I’m reviewing these three items together is to show our viewers how seamlessly they all tie together.3 product reviews

Xbox 360 Controller – We start off by going over my favorite gaming controller of all time. It’s pretty, it’s comfortable, it’s versatile, and it’s a powerhouse. Combine that with long wireless range, stellar rechargable battery life, and usability with PC games. I’m sold. I guess the only con would be that it doesn’t have motion sensing. So what? If I wanted a Wii, I would’ve bought one.

Westinghouse 23″ LCD Monitor – This LCD monitor is excellent. I got it for only $200 at Best Buy’s post-thanksgiving extravaganza. It has DVI, Component, Composite, VGA, Built in speakers, etc, etc, etc. This monitor is now the centerpiece of my home office and I haven’t regretted the purchase once. I use this monitor as a dual-monitor setup for my pc, and also to play my 360 from the other room using the wireless controller as well as the RF-Link Wireless Audio/Video Sender.

RF-Link Wireless Audio-Video Sender – This bad boy allows me to use my 360 in one room while the 360 is in another room. It eliminates the need for cables, wiring, drywall repair, hot attic excursions, etc. The quality is decent to good but they only support composite. I recommend picking one up if you aren’t super obsessed with image quality. Sound quality is fine.

Well, enjoy my video review below of the Xbox 360 Controller, Westinghouse 23″ LCD, and RF-Link Wireless Audio/Video sender!

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One Response to "Xbox 360 Controller, Westinghouse 23″ LCD, and RF-Link Wireless Audio/Video sender Review with video"

  1. victorshameful says:

    Hi so am going to buy a Xbox 360 Controller for Windows and i don’t know if it will run most of the games. If it doesn’t maybe you could tell me a controller for windows that works on most of the games because i don’t want to waste my money.
    I play games like GTA, COD, Max Payne 3, NFS, Serious Sam 3 , CSS, Skyrim, L4D, Crysis, BF3, Dead Island and loads more.

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