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Dollar Tree Drug Test Review

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There’s a bit of buzz on the internet about the drug tests for marijuana being found at Dollar Tree stores. For one dollar, you can test yourself, your employees, your significant other or your children to find out if they’re smoking weed. The label claims the results as being 97% accurate. Given the potential consequences for a person failing this test, I really don’t like any results that are less than 99.9% accurate.

Here’s how you use this drug test:

  • Pee in something.
  • Dip the testing strip in the urine for 3 seconds.
  • Wait about 5 minutes, but no longer than 5 minutes.
  • Compare marks with legend.

I don’t smoke weed, so I should have been pretty safe with this test. In fact, it worked. The test showed a negative result.

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97 Responses to "Dollar Tree Drug Test Review"

  1. boomerangcorps says:

    How early has anyone got a BFP using the New Choice Dollar Tree HPT that did end up being pregnant? Can you use them before your missed period?
    Laura-Yea I know you can use the FRER ones early, but this time around I bought Equate ones from Walmart and New Choice one’s from the Dollar Tree. Trying to figure out what day i’ll start testing. 🙂

  2. superfluityfloury says:

    I have bought four pregnancy tests. Three that were all $1 dollar and one that cost me $4 dollars. I tested at 7 DPO and got a BFN. Do you think pregnancy tests from dollar general and dollar tree really work.

    When did you test and what was the result? When should I test? My LMP was March 6 and I am 8 DPO.

  3. toupeeraging says:

    Dvd button. It says tv1. Tv2, vcr, sat, cbl, aux. What one is the dvd button and how do i set up a symphonic dvd on a dollar tree 6 in 1 remote.

  4. chiropractoschemist says:

    I am a big fan of Arizona GreenTea, so when I found it cost only 1 dollar for 1.24 L in Dollar Tree, I couldn’t wait to get one. However, it is so cheap that I am wondering about if the one I got in Dollar Tree was a real product or not. Why do I have to pay more than 1.5 dollors for 240 mL in stores like Wawa but it only cost 1 dollar for 1.24 L at Dollar Tree? Can anyone tell me why?

    By the way, I cannot find the expired date on the bottle of 1.24 L. Can anyone tell me why can’t I find the due date on it? Does it mean that it is not a “real” product from Arizona?

  5. programmermaterial says:

    Hi! i can’t find Merced Dollar tree employment application to print out! arg! does anyone know the website or.. knows where i can get a printout of the app? HELP!! need it asap thanks!

  6. legswalk says:

    I’m throwing my sister in law a baby shower and am doing a game where everyone needs a baby bottle so I want to get some cheap ones. Does anyone know if Dollar tree has them?

  7. daringapples says:

    I may be getting drugtests randomly but I know its a cheap one from the dollar tree. So I was wondering if the test could be passed easier since it’s so cheap.

  8. chirpdiscmushroom says:

    I can buy 30 capsules for $1 at the dollar tree for Ginseng. I’m just curious if they are really worth it, seeing as they are from the dollar tree. What would you think? Do they hold up to the same quality as the more expensive stuff from other stores?

  9. chiropractoschemist says:

    Was the naming behind the old savings of money doesn’t grow on tree? Or did that have a go green thought behind the name? Or is there another reason?

    Does anyone know if the Dollar Tree is doing anything in an effort to be environmentally friendly? I know their grocery bags use minimal plastic, they sell green canvas shopping bags and do not play music in stores would would save them money obviously, but also be an energy saver.. is there anything else?

  10. stairmat says:

    i took the equate test n the line was very very light. today i took the dollar tree test n it was neg. how accurate is the dollar tree test? are tests alot more accurate when taken the day of a expected period and the day after the expected period?

    i have another first response test and i have the ept digital test,when should i take another test?

  11. flakytoasted says:

    How can I open a store that sells things for a dollar or less, like a dollar tree store, with food and other things in it? My credit is just ok. I think that it would do very well in business due to our economy these days.

  12. industriouspattern says:

    Does dollar tree sell orange envelopes and bubble wrap ?
    I just want to know if they do.
    Best answer gets all points !
    😀 ASAP.

  13. competetemperamental says:

    Have you took a pregnancy test from dollar tree and it was negtive and you were pregnant?

  14. fearfulflabbergasted says:

    I want something to do for summer, and I’m turning 15 and a half this 22nd. Am I eligible for a job? I kind of want to start working at dollar tree or toys r us because that’s where I heard they accept young people.
    If so, what other jobs are there that are available for my age?

  15. gallivantstud says:

    I have took 3 pregnancy test. Two came from dollar tree and the other is dollar general brand. one of the dollar tree test was neg ant the other two test were pos. I haven’t had a period since 12-05-09. Do you guys think i am pregnant. I am going to make a doctor app. this week.

  16. honeycook says:

    I want to know what the phone number for dollar tree is in Roseville CA, 95678 In 108 B Harding Blvd. I need to know immediatly so please give me an answer as soon as possible! thanks!

  17. polentateeth says:

    I’m needing to start work as fast as possible and was wondering if any of you have ever gone through the hiring process of a dollar tree store for assistant manager and what it in tells.

  18. tinylinkage says:

    I know first response is like 87% accurate 3 days before a missed period, 93% accurate 1 and 2 days before, etc.

    What about Dollar Tree’s New Choice ghetto cassette science kit type tests? I have some upstairs.

  19. shaftcarmine says:

    i work at dollar tree and part time workers dont get a raise at all..nada.
    what should i do? i need money and need a job that will give a raise and more hours but i cant find any.

  20. tentpaddling says:

    I recently had an interview at Dollar Tree and an hour later the manager called to say I was hired and to check my email to do taxes and etc online for the process. I already did it all and I haven’t heard anything yet and I am wondering how long will it take? I applied as cashier and I want to know if cashier is a hard position?

  21. oatmealflue says:

    Well I took a dollar tree pregnancy test this morning at like 4:30 am.. It had two lines but the positive line was kinda light.. Does this mean I am pregnant?
    Any help would be appreciated!

  22. negativeinquisitive says:

    i was shopping at dollar tree and saw those tests for a dollar? im curious if those work?

  23. looslack says:

    My friend posted a pic of a broward county sheriffs car in front of dollar tree in palm beach county saying what a waste of tax payers money. He was out of uniform and made a purchase this morning. I’m trying to tell her not to make assumptions. So why would he be up here? Are they allowed to use the car personally?

  24. skullpicayune says:

    i recently got hired at dollar tree and my sister is ashamed to tell our family!!!!! she says she think that it is gross and ghetto. She said she would rather me no job than this job. Whatever job I get is only temporary because I am leaving the country for the summer and will start school and a better job when i get back. I have a lot in the bank and my sister thinks i should just have NO job until i leave. what do you think? is dollar tree too ghetto?

  25. windowsplug says:

    I took a dollar tree drug today and my result came out as negative … Does that mean I passed or does that mean their is still weed in my system?

    And please don’t sit here n lecture on how I shouldn’t smoke weed. I could care less what you think. I just want my question answered. Thank you.

  26. fitswolf says:

    I’m just wondering why paperbacks and hardcovers alike are sold for a dollar each at Dollar Tree. Are they leftovers that weren’t bought from another store or something?

  27. spongeparched says:

    I live in Upstate NY. Would the Dollar Tree hire a 15 year old who has a working permit? And also if you can think of places that hire 15 year olds. I already know of McDonald’s and my local food store.

  28. herringcheesecake says:

    I need to fill out a application for becoming a assistant manager at the dollar tree

  29. rakepopcorn says:

    I am trying to buy a SINGLE dollar tree gift card for my sister’s birthday in a week and I need to order and send it to her since I am across the US. can i do this?
    ive tried finding it on google and have had no luck. and we don’t have dollar trees here.

  30. wallgreasy says:

    I have been getting faint positive for the last 4 days on multiple test. All of the dollar tree test are super faint and arnt getting any darker, but each first response test is getting darker. The first two first response ones I took where pretty faint but the one I took to day was a good strong line after 3 minutes.

  31. pepperyouthful says:

    How much does a manager at Dollar Tree make. Also a manager in training there? Thx

  32. unarmedembarrassed says:

    I need a cheap online store that’ll help with buying bulk wedding party supplies for my reception! I like it simple, but I want to have nice centerpieces and ceiling decor….does anyone know if the Dollar Tree online is great to order for wedding party supplies?

  33. warminghandlers says:

    I am thinking about applying for a cashier position at Dollar Tree, I know many would look down on this, but I feel it is a good place to work, any suggestions/comments/ideas?

  34. elegantfardisc says:

    I heard dollar tree pregnancy tests work just as good as the next no matter the fact of the price is this true ?? has anyone has any experience with this ?

  35. subduedtanzanian says:

    I lost my job due to the bad economy. I was shopping at target before. But know dollar tree has the same stuff almost. Are you shopping at dollar tree store more?

  36. fitswolf says:

    I don’t like driving to the bank.does any one know the total fees I have to pAy? at walmart it dollar tree. the lady at dollar tree said one dollar but are there additional fees from the bank ?

  37. shotlazy says:

    I want to get a couple necessities for a girls purse for highschool. I’m going into ninth grade and oh the store I will go to is dollar tree.

    Oh and also if you guys can find a purse for under $20.00 some where in the volusia mall
    Tell me the
    And give me a link


  38. murmerquixotic says:

    I have all the symptoms of pregnancy and have had them for 2 weeks now. I took two test from dollar tree and both say neg. DO these test really work? My period is in 3 days supposedly

  39. shockingglossy says:

    I am 14 days post ovulation and this is the day my period is due. I have no period and I can usually tell that day if its coming and I have no symptoms of it coming I am very queasy, no vomiting just the feeling, but other than that, that’s it. I want to go pick up a test and my friend said she’s always used Dollar Tree’s but is it too soon to test?

  40. tentpaddling says:

    I’m in major need of a revamping with my hair color and I just got hired at dollar tree… Is there any policy about hair color?

  41. fitswolf says:

    What benefits should i be receiving as a part time associate at dollar tree? also how long do i need to work there to get these benefits. also if i was to work at pet co how long would i need to work their before getting benefits as a part time associate and what benefits do they offer???
    Dollar tree does indeed give part time associates benefits

  42. grumblingbillowy says:

    I’m having a bonfire next week and I don’t want to spend a ton of money how much is a 12 pack of pop from dollar general or dollar tree?

  43. growluneasiness says:

    I have missed my period for 9 weeks, and my boyfriend thinks I’m pregnant. I’ve been moody, craving foods I hated befor and throwing up at all times of the day for the past 2 weeks. My period usually comes on time and I haven’t been talking any percussions or using protection. I took the dollar tree pregnancy test and it said negative. Everyone says it isn’t accurate and few say it works, anyways do any of y’all think I should go get another test or do u think I’m not pregnant.

  44. masticatehappy says:

    I have some that i got a long time ago at the dollar tree but need more, cant find them. NEED HELP!

  45. graveywith says:

    I have an interview tomorrow for a job at Dollar tree and I’m not sure how I should dress. Would I be better off wearing something like a polo, nice jeans and nice shoes or should I go kind of more formal and wear a black button up shirt with khakis and dress up shoes?

  46. paddlemycelium says:

    te test n the line was very very light. today i took the dollar tree test n it was neg. how accurate is the dollar tree test? are tests alot more accurate when taken the day of a expected period and the day after the expected period?

    i have another first response test and i have the ept digital test,when should i take another test?
    i heard they are not very accurate. should i take the first response or the ept digital tomorrow or friday

  47. riderhighjump says:

    I bought an iPhone 5 case from Dollar Tree for $1.50 and found the same exact one on Ebay for $2.99. Why is this? Are items from Dollar Tree worth more money? Or are these sellers on Ebay crooks?

  48. coupleaverage says:

    Should I wait until my period is completely missed and not just a few days late to take a test from the Dollar Tree? I’m guessing since it’s so cheap that it’s not as sensitive as the name brand ones like First Response.

  49. looslack says:

    I’m not sure what is going on.. The dollar tree and walmart pregnancy tests look like they turn positive immediately, but after a few moments fade away? Has anyone had this happen?

  50. chiropractoschemist says:

    I took a first response pregnancy test and a few days later I looked at it and it was positive . Now I Just took a dollar tree test and its negitive? Which do I trust? The picture is a picture of the first response pregnancy test. Heeeellppp!

  51. glasspanesinger says:

    Do you think dollar tree (dollar stores) is good? My one friend loves it where as my other friend hates it and prefers makeup that costs almost $50 just for foundation. I’m not willing to pay that much and don’t call me cheap. It adds up fast so I would rather only pay a $1. Anyway did any of you ever use it? I have sensitive skin so I’m wordering if I’ll breakout or get a rash or if it will just look bad/trashy/clumpy. Thanks. Let me know if it’s just a certain type, as if only eyeshadow and eyeliner look good or if foundation rarley matches color or if they don’t have gel liner, pencil liner, liquid etc.

  52. choppedfarflung says:

    ok so i think i got pregnant in january but i havent taken a test and im a teen and cant afford nothing else please help

  53. sweepthigh says:

    The plastic plants from dollar tree are they usable in my aquarium???

  54. windowsplug says:

    what are some weird things you found at the dollar tree? i saw a bunch of bras, and i bought one!!
    i also found a pore cleaner, it’s like suction and its supposed to clean out your pores.. i almost bought it but i didn’t have enough money.
    dollar tree is a store!! and everything is a dollar! i dont literally mean a tree!

  55. oatmealflue says:

    Hi, I’m learning English as my second language.
    I have a question for native English spearkers.

    I’m reading an article about a dollar shop in the U.S. in a magazine, and I don’t understand part of it.

    The part that I don’t understand well is as follows:

    This Dollar Tree faces a sprawling Walmart Supercenter – a runt ready to take swings at a schoolyard bully. And its connecting. Hard.

    Does the first part mean that Dollar Tree faces counterattack of Walmart?

    Does “a runt” mean Dollar Tree? And it means that Dollar Tree was threaten by Walmart?

    I don’t understand what is connecting with what.

    What does “Hard” mean here?

    I appreciate your advice.
    Thank you.

  56. kerfuffleoffended says:

    Hi again. So Christmas is pretty close and my family and I always put are Christmas tree up on Thanksgiving day I don’t know why but we do. We had the same artificial tree for about 6 years but last year we lost some piece’s that Connect together. So were buying a brand new one. So i’m asking if you guys could post some local stores that have artificial Christmas for sale already. Are price range is about 100-199 dollars. It can be six or six and half foot tall and kinda wide. Pretty much the traditional Christmas tree. Thanks.

  57. futuristicgurgle says:

    I am currently either 9 or 10 dpo. I just had this feeling today that I was pregnant. The past week or so I’ve been a little under the weather, moody and my boobs are a little sore. So today I couldn’t help myself and went to Dollar Tree and bought 3 preg tests. I took one this afternoon and after 3 minutes I looked and saw a veeerrrryyy faint line. I’ve seen evaporation lines before and I usually had to hold it to a certain light and look real close to see it….but this line I can see without straining. But it’s sooooo light! AAAhh so confused! Has anyone had this experience with these tests? I’m going to test 1st thing in the morning with my 1st urine of the day and see what happens, it’s just that the suspense is killing me! I even showed a friend of mine and she saw it, but also questioned it. Do evaporation lines show up after only 3 min? Feedback please !! 🙂 thanks

  58. ulnahorns says:

    Does the dollar tree pregnancy test really work or would you get a different one. if you would get different one what one? It said no at night but she is wanting sex more, eats allot, and breast and nipples hurt.
    I can get better just woundering

  59. jackprairiedog says:

    I went to the dollar tree a couple days ago and saw the 5 minute teeth whitener gel and I was wondering if it does indeed work. To buy whitening gel that works for a dollar made me think that it was too good to be true.

    Can someone help. Are there any health risks? Or am I simply buying a product that doesn’t work?

  60. thirstybunt says:

    hi ladies…
    so it’s that time of the month again (or hopefully NOT)

    i finally bought a few Dollar Tree HPTs (JUST 3…) and took one the day i got it just for the funk of it, more than a week before my period was due… i just wanted to make sure it’d turn pink… haha so now i’m down to 2 pee sticks and wanna use them wisely LOL

    ok. so i’m at peeonastick.com and there’s the chart with different hpts and sensitivity numbers… do i want a high number or a low one? it’s probably written out in bold somewhere but i can’t seem to find it… i’m under the impression that a low number (it says the dollar tree hpt is @25) is good…

    ok. so now the question. if calculations are correct, AF should be paying me a visit right about now…
    when can i take the Dollar Tree hpt and have some hope of getting a BFT if infact i am pregos… i know it varies from person to person but you know… from experience.. those who have used them. when have you gotten a positive result?


  61. pastaglobal says:

    My husband and I have been shopping at Jewel Osco for years, until recently when we hit rock bottom. We had to start budgeting everything in the house, especially when it comes to food and bills. We went to Dollar Tree by chance, as we didn’t want to drive all the way to the other stores. I was happy, and yet insulted that everything there was $1 or less. All these years, we could’ve saved hundreds of dollars! But my next question comes in, how does the store make any money at all when everything is dirt cheap? It’s almost like they are running a charity!

  62. looslack says:

    My last period was November 30th. Im usually pretty normal every 28 days. My fiance and i have been TTC for 2 years now. He swears up and down im preggo. Ive been getting some of the symptoms. Constantly having to urinate always hungry im esxtremely bloated etc. I bought a test from The Dollar Tree last Thursday. I took it mid day and it said negative. I just want to know how accurate do you think those are? Has anyone gotten a negative on 1 of those then later gotten a positive on a more expensive kind? Any comments will help me! I have another Dollar Tree test that Im going to take just dont know how long I should wait! Thanks!

  63. shaftcarmine says:

    Has anyone gotten an early result? How many DPO were you?

    Lots of women like them on here and I was wondering if they had any more info.

    Sorry, meant to say “how” accurate.

  64. toupeeraging says:

    What are your experiences with tests from the dollar tree?? As far as accurate +’s and false -‘s???

  65. screenchilean says:

    okay i took a 3″Fact Plus” early pregnancy test & dollar tree pregnancy test. dollar tree was nef but “fact plus” had faint line? am i preggo. is dollar tree brand not as good?

  66. jazzychubby says:

    I am 3 days late and just got crushed by a negative pt. It was a dollar tree brand one so I am hoping it was wrong! I was cramping and am not anymore and I am still bloated and I felt nauseous a little last night. Could I still be pregnant? Has any of you found the dollar tree brand and it be wrong?

  67. skinnyrugby says:

    AF is every 28 days on the dot. I usually get it as soon as I wake up in the morning. I’m 3 days late. I bought a bunch of dollar tree tests because I heard they were reliable.
    When I first took the test the day of my missed period, an extremely faint pink line appeared in about 8 minutes. I thought this could be an evap line so I threw it away. I tried again and the same thing happened. I looked at it a few hours later.. and I know you arent supposed to, but it was darker.

    Last night I had my husband take a test with me (lol) to compare the results. The same faint line appeared on my test but even after hours.. he didnt get any line at all which made me think my line wasn’t an evap line.
    I took an ept the day of my missed period and I got a negative result.

    I want to go to the Dr. for a blood test but I’m in between insurances right now because I just got married. Im in the process of going onto my husband’s healthplan (great timing right?)

    I have alot of lower back pain and my boobs have been sore..

    Has anyone had this experience before? I just want to know if I am or not!!
    I know I just posted this question tonight but i couldnt wait.. I bought 6 other branded tests and turns out Im having a baby in July!!!!!!!!

    Thank you all for your advice and support!!!

  68. homedoughnut says:

    How come at those generic dollar stores everything is fake and really “dangerous” looking while at the dollar tree there seems to be more name brand items?
    Reena many of the dollar tree food items have an expiration date on them and usually arent expired yet.

  69. pepperyouthful says:

    Is there a Dollar Tree store near waltham, ma I just moved here from Michigan and love that store.

    Thank you! U really made my Day!!

  70. jackprairiedog says:

    im looking for cheap but good quality blanks dvds so I can burn a few videos from my computer thm and m just wondering since the dollar tree sells almost everything do the sell blank dvds I will give 5 stars think you.

  71. chickenflower says:

    This is pretty much my question! Don’t know when my period is due, as I had surgery the beginning of aug and think that messed me up… But tested and got faint line on dollar tree test on Friday. Went in that day for blood test but won’t get results till tomorrow… Tested this Saturday morning with clear blue easy plus minus test and got another faint positive, but totally there! But this morning I tested with first response and answer kind of thinking I’d get a really nice line, but I see nothing! I’m worried that my clear blue positive and dollar tree positives were false! Unless there is some reason first response would be less sensitive, but I thought they were MOST! I am really confused here!

  72. pitcheerful says:

    im trying to find out the minimum age and if permits are required for working at dollat tree . can you help

  73. slipcatercornered says:

    I got a job offer at home depot, I currently work at dollar tree i make about $300-400 bi weekly ive been working there for a year or so, my co workers are nice my boss is nice but im bored of it… i find myself really sleepy when i get there and they dont offer much opportunities.. i had an interview at home depot and they said they will call me back after my drug test results came in. So should i leave dollar tree? If so how should i tell my boss without burning bridges? And if anyone worked at home depot please tell me hows it like.. thanks

  74. tentpaddling says:

    What do you think are good buys at the Dollar store? I’m talking about the dollar store/dollar tree’s where eveything is $1.00. Nothing more, nothing less. What are some good deals there? What are some duds to avoid?

  75. glitchespecan says:


  76. welltodomedal says:

    I just performed a Dollar Tree pregnancy test and I got what I thought was a very faint line but when I look harder I see another line. Three line total!! I performed a test yesterday and got no line except for the negative line! No evaporation line , nothing!! My lmp was 11-29. What would you think?
    Wow why all the rude answers? I just asked a question…trolls!
    Thanks dejavu 🙂

  77. plantarteal says:

    Hello! I am on the testing spree.. I got dollar tree tests and I tested a little while ago.

    My question is whether you were pregnant or not, if you tilt the test and let the light shine on it just right does it always show an outline of the line that would indicate you were pregnant?

    Or would an outline indicate tiny amount of hcg if there is not enough to make the line pink?


  78. hamsterwarddisc says:

    My period is only a day late, so I didn’t want to waste a lot of money on HPTs. BUT, I’m also anxious to test! So I went to the Dollar Tree to get an HPT. They didn’t have any, so I ended up buying an OPK instead. I used it and got 2 lines, with the test line lighter than the control line. The box says: 1 line = negative, 2 lines = positive. Does this mean my test is postivie? Has anyone used an Dollar Tree OPK as an HPT and ended up pregnant?

    Also, please don’t criticize me for using Dollar Tree brand. Those of us TTC understand how expensive it is!

  79. murmerquixotic says:

    my mom is really wanting to open a dollar tree where everything is a dollar i told her i was gonna do some research for her but i cant fing a thing i need help anniother question is when you open the store where do you get the supplies to make the dollar tree and to keep up your dollar tree

  80. negativeinquisitive says:

    Have any of you gotten negative Dollar Tree Tests, but then positive on name brand ones? If they work just as good, i’d prob like to stick with those…then if one is positive, maybe double check with a name brand test. Any thoughts?

  81. pastaglobal says:

    I’m just wondering have anyone bought any make up from Dollar Tree before? And if you have, was it good? I’m just researching on quality of products that doesn’t cost a lot.

  82. cooklittle says:

    If they do has anyone tried them? DO they work or do they leak?

  83. programmermaterial says:

    Five Below, Inc. (FIVE).

    Its’ business concept is very similar to Dollar Tree. Except it only carry items targeting teenagers and younger. No household item nor grocery are sold in these stores.

    Also, every item in this store is $5 and below.
    Here is a website of the store: http://www.fivebelow.com

  84. toppingthirst says:

    I”m wondering when it should work. I’ve taken a few and they’ve been negitive. I’m suppose to start my period tomorrow.

  85. fearfulflabbergasted says:

    anyone use them and get accurate results?

  86. clappeddiamond says:

    i know some ppl have taken HPTs early but i cant wait 3-4 more days. im on CD 25 and i think im a 28 day cycle but not sure this month. have you taking a test early and turn out +?

  87. boorishrippling says:

    Do you know if dollar tree stores sell sparklers?

  88. cobblersling says:

    I need to do some shopping this weekend and wondered if I can go Monday or if it will be closed.

  89. knightprotective says:

    I took a test today that i got at the dollar tree…It came back negative…does that mean im probably not pregnant? or could it have been too early…would it have came up very faint if i am pregnant but its too early?? My period is due this saturday aug 20th…thanks

  90. actuaryhandy says:

    i have stock with dollar tree and need to know how much it is worth

  91. warminghandlers says:

    i have a coupon for a dollar off a maybelline product and i know they sell it there but it said it can only be used at a drug,food, or a mass merchandise store is it any of these?

  92. bashnosy says:

    We have an 18 month old and we have just began TTC. I went off YAZ, my last AF started July 8th.

    I paid attention to ovulation symptoms however I did not take an ovulation test.

    I noticed my breast were sore around the 31st and they’ve only gotten worse. Yesturday I took a Dollar Tree test and left it on the counter, I went out and spoke to my neice while her show was on commercial break and went back to check when she was back to her show (so 4 or 5 minutes I guess). There was a faint line, very faint. I called my husband in and he saw it too. About an hour later I checked it and the line was gone. When I was preggers last time the line always stayed, still in the baby book! I took a test first thing this morning and there was absolutely no line. Then after my shower I noticed my breast are leaking just a little. This didn’t happen until much later in my first pregnancy.

    What should I make of this?

  93. venezuelanpartridge says:

    Stock Description of Dollar Tree What does dollar tree do what do they own and how large are there and who are there competitors and how long have they been in business?

  94. laminateclowder says:

    Hey guys! So I took an EPT +/- two days ago (12 dpo) and it was faint positive. Well I went out and bought two dollar tree tests today and took one with my SECOND morning urine and it came out as faint positive as well. I have taken many of the dollar tree tests and have NEVER even come close to seeing a second line. Its faint though. So is it positive? Am I pregnant?

  95. laiddinosaur says:

    I shop at the dollar tree for my doggie such as toys & treats(and am planning buying it’s food their) Is the food/treats bad or harmful from those cheap stores?
    Anything I should be aware of…

  96. chiropractoschemist says:

    And other personal items? I need to start to save some money and it seems like the best way is to stop paying $4 a month for shampoo and then $4 a month for conditioner and then $4 a month for body wash.

    Overall how good is the quality of their personal care items at the Dollar Tree?

    The only thing I know I won’t skimp out on is laundry detergent as I love using the TIde pods.
    Also, any other ways you can think that I can save money? I just printed out a bunch of coupons and going to go over them and cut them and put them into this binder thing that keeps the groceries in one spot and household items in another.

  97. berney madoff says:

    are these people retarded?

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