Don’t Get A Thigh Tattoo – Thigh Tattoos on Women are Trashy! #ThighTatoo #ThighTats #Trashy

Do you remember those terrible “tramp stamps” women were getting in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s? Do you realize how trashy they look, especially now, and how many of those women regret getting those ugly tattoos? If you’re considering a thigh piece, you need to know that thigh tattoo will not only look terrible now but will look even worse as you become an older lady.
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Let’s talk about leg tattoos, specifically thigh tattoos. I would like to talk to you about making the decision and I’m talking to ladies making the decision to get a tattoo on your leg. In particular, a tattoo on your thigh, mid thigh, upper thigh, or lower thigh,then well into your 50s wearing shorts that show off this thigh tattoo. Please do not get a thigh tattoo. This rule also applies to chest tattoos, often referred to as chest pieces. If you deal with reality, the reality is the way you present yourself, what your first impression is means a lot people will judge you. People will use life experience to make their initial judgments about you, their assumptions about you because if they’ve met 10 women with thigh tattoos and all of those women were ghetto, used drugs, drank alcohol heavily, then the 11th person they see walk up with a thigh tattoo. Whether that thigh tattoo says little mama, miss queen or anything similar, they will immediately think that you were trash. Keep that in mind when you make a permanent decision like getting a tattoo on your thigh. What do you think about thigh tattoos? Do you think thigh tattoos are trashy?

I’ve found interesting discussions over at Reddit where people are sharing their opinions about the trash factor of thigh tattoos: www.reddit.com/r/unpopularopinion/comments/91wzxy/most_women_with_large_or_multiple_tattoos_look/

The consensus is that the thigh is likely the trashiest, most undesirable place for a woman to have a tattoo inked onto her skin. Having lived on this earth for almost 40 years, and living in a low-income city, I have had many experiences with and sightings of women with thigh tattoos. Many of these women have something in common. On black women, I ve noticed thigh tattoos are usually found on African American women who are either really, really big, are slim and promiscuous, or some combination of the two.On white women, a thigh tattoo often found on wannabe pin-up “models” or ghetto white girls who speak in Ebonics that has taken them many years of practice to really master. In almost all situations, thigh tattoos on women are not only unattractive but a “do not hire” indicator.

In summary, thigh tattoos are trashy and I highly recommend you do not make the mistake of permanently limited your social class.