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Crutchfield ReadyHarness™ Review – Head Unit Prewired for Volkswagen Jetta

After my Volkswagen Jetta would constantly have a dead battery, it was diagnosed that my faulty, factory head unit was causing a constant draw on the battery that would drain it nearly dead if I wasn’t driving my car on a regular basis so the alternator could charge it.

I shopped on Crutchfield for a new radio for my car that would have Bluetooth, be a clean fit in the dashboard, have AM/FM radio and hopefully wouldn’t drain my battery when my car was turned off like my factory radio was. I knew There was at least something wrong with my factory radio because it looks like the previous owner punched it or something because the lcd display was cracked and not displaying digits or characters. The radio still worked, and still had a back light, but clearly was messed up.

The biggest concern I had about buying an aftermarket stereo for my car was the fact that I’m not very good with wiring or installing electronics. Crutchfield offers a service for people like me. Their ReadyHarness service will have them pre-wire the head unit to the wiring harness which should lead to you only having to plug in the radio for it to work.

Watch the video I posted on youtube to see how the experience went for me.

I purchased an aftermarket head unit for my Volkswagen Jetta from Crutchfield.
Shop Crutchfield Using my link: bit.ly/2YcgMOt
Learn more about Readyharness: bit.ly/2K5QXuz

I spent the extra money to have it prewired using the Crutchfield ReadyHarness™ Service.