Craigslist Scam – Notifications Alert Via Text Message

This is a scam Craigslist users need to be aware of. If you’re listing ads to sell things on Craigslist, you’ll need to be smart and educate yourself on all the scams that are out there.

In this scam, a seller who’s listed a mobile number in their contact information will be robo-texted with a link containing context along the lines of, “You have 6 New Notifications For Your Craigslist Post…..” This will be followed by a link which leads to a bogus website that is not affiliated with Craigslist. In this example, the domain was CL-Review.org. DO NOT CLICK ON THIS LINK and DO NOT ENTER YOUR LOGIN CREDENTIALS.

The site and form are bogus. That’s a scammer trying to steal your login credentials to take over your Craigslist account to cause you harm and them financial benefit. If you were to enter your credentials, you would be forwarded to the actual Craigslist website and you’ll NOT be logged in. That’s because you entered your credentials into what could be called a Phishing scam or being phished.

If you do make the mistake of entering your login credentials on a website not officially associated with Craigslist.org, quickly log in to the official website and change your password before the scammers take over your account.