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Camel Signature Blends Robust Flavor Cigarettes Review with video

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Camel Signature Blends have been discontinued for quite some time now. Even though I spent the better part of an hour trying to find out exactly why these cigarettes were pulled from the market, I couldn’t find an answer. I was thinking maybe because they would appeal to minors, or something like that. Why I think there was some other reason behind it is because these Signature Blends had those little balls of oil in them just like the Camel Menthols have now.
Camel, quite possibly the king of making “promotional” and “limited time only” flavors of cigarettes has recently released what they call “Signature Blends”. These signature blends are made of four different flavors:

  • Frost
  • Infused
  • Robust
  • Mellow
  • I bought a pack of the “Robust” flavored Camel Signature blends and video myself smoking one of them. I thought the flavor had a hint of maple (think waffle syrup) and had the potency of a full flavored regular cigarette.
    I don’t think this pack of cigs had anything on my new favorite, Camel No. 9 but why don’t you be the judge and buy a pack of these signature blends for yourself. Enjoy the video review.

    *UPDATE (2011-10-12)
    I don’t think they sell these anymore. The Camel Crush cigarettes have pretty much taken over in the “novelty” or “flavored” cigarette market.

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    40 Responses to "Camel Signature Blends Robust Flavor Cigarettes Review with video"

    1. Anthony says:

      Nice review! I tried the Infused version and it was a little light for my tastes, but had a great flavor. Actually it tasted like apples which was a little weird. I think I’ll try the Robust now.

    2. jerry shambley says:

      i was trying to get my ashtray. i like the frost . can you send a website to choose my ashtray please.thank you…

    3. mia says:

      izmir bush is actually a poppy plant in Turkey….in the infused…..hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

    4. Bishop says:

      those smell like zebra gum. the ones with the tatoos.

    5. Silly Reviewer, Ryan. Administrator says:

      haha! nice comment Bishop. Are you referring to the infused and not the robust as shown in this review? Camel Infused DO smell like zebra “fruit stripe” gum in my opinion. I remember buying that gum when I was a kid. I know the flavor in Camel Infused (and Robust for that matter) lasts longer than in that gum because I used to chew that whole pack in one day.

      A pack of Camel Infused were in an overnight bag one time and the next morning when I opened it up, it was like a burst or fruit coming out of it. Never thought a cig could smell so sweet.

      As for these Robust. I stand by my comment of them smelling like waffle syrup.

      “Yipes! Stripes! Fruit Stripes Gum.”

    6. 8ightball says:

      Camel Infused tastes and smells like a fig newton.

    7. mr insane jk says:

      can anyone tell me which of the signature blends are menthols, i know frosts are but can someone tell me about the others (because I don’t smoke menthols)

    8. Danyele says:

      I love the Infused. They are light compared to what I usually smoke (Marlboro Reds) but the taste is awesome. I always thought they smelt like Fruit Loops until I read on here you guys think they smell like the zebra gum, your right they do. As for the Robust, I don’t care to much for them, I don’t know why. Frost are my favorite menthol to smoke, actually the only menthols I’ll smoke. As for the Mellow, I haven’t tried them.

      But as for mr insane jk’s question, they’re all non-menthol expect the Frost’s.

    9. sublime says:

      i think the camel infused are great, they are have a very smooth and “clean taste to them. Most of the people i know who smoke smoke marlboro reds, and to me they taste awful.

    10. dan says:

      robust isnt good you gotta smoke the infused duh

    11. chris says:

      your a camel no 9 guy , u obiously have no balls or a dick, camel no 9’s are for chicks dude, oh and marlboro light is also a chick smoke im sure u feel manly when you smoke the same blend as your girl friend

    12. Silly Reviewer, Ryan. Administrator says:

      Yo, Chris! Are you having a bad day bro? Sure, I like Camel no.9 and I like Malboro lights. To say I have no balls or dick because of my cigarette preference is just plain retarded. You didn’t even mention what cigarettes I can smoke to be a man with balls and a dick.

    13. Becky says:

      Wow, great review, I think I was really caught by the music first before I realized what I was watching. I smoke the Camel Wides usually but when Camel presented their new Signature Blend I chose to switch from my one true love for a while. I started with the Camel Robust because of the pretty packaging but then soon realized that I definatley liked the packaging more than the smokes. I could not STAND the fact that they tasted like someone rubbing a rusty dirt-encrusted penny into my mouth. Agh, absolutley disgusting. But, however when I quickly made the switch to the Camel Frost I was AMAZED! How could they have created a cigarette that is as interesting while opening up the package as it is while smoking it!! The beautiful colors only mirrored the fact that they were wonderfully smooth and before even lighting up I had a brisk taste of wintergreen. I almost would use them as a breath mint instead of getting my fix. To summarize my blabber: the Camel Frost is worth it. Smooth, full of minty mintiness, but have a downfall. I found that I got sick of them quickly because too much of a good thing is true with those. Right now I’m trying Parliment…. I believe I might go back to my Camel Wides.

    14. hunty says:

      mellow is so great taste like marsh mellow but more mellow

    15. Katy says:

      So, someone told me that the Camel Signature Frost tastes like a menthol, but it isn’t. He said that is doesn’t have fiber glass in it. Can someone please tell me if this is truth?? I’ve tried finding it on the net, but it doesn’t say!

    16. Ryan says:


      Take apart the Robust or Infused filter, you will find the flavor pebble inside, PULL it out and what do you know, damn near no flavor. I came across it one day after i broke the cig and while fixing it i felt a lump in the filter.

    17. Max Barringer says:

      When I smoke, for some reason I like to flatten the filter out, I have no idea why. While flattening the first Frost out of a pack, I felt a little bump. sure enough, upon opening the filter, I found a blue peice of plastic. It’s the flavoring, so said Ryan above me. But it doesn’t bother me. I got sick of frosts when I was halfway through the pack. Camel no. 09’s for life.

    18. frank says:

      Hey Chris, Good review, I bought some robusts yesterday… Filters are the best way to go… I used to smoke camel silvers – then golds – then royals… but the filters are their best balanced blend. I think the whole ‘no balls or dick’ thing could be settled by a quick drop trou… what you say?

    19. Cameron says:

      Camel filters forever!

    20. XX says:

      all the signiture blends have the blue pellet in them. i have tried all four and the frost is the best. my boyfriend packs them so tight that they go down smooth. i don’t care for the infused ond the mellow is not far in front of them. i can handle the robust, they have a spicyy flavor to them in my opion. frost is the best for me and my man.

    21. Will says:

      @chris you are retarded, saying someone’s gay because of what flavor cigarette they like is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. that’s like saying it’s gay to eat apples but straight to eat oranges.

      @Katy NO cigarettes have fiberglass in them. in fact, this is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard. and yes the frost ARE menthol

    22. Eric says:

      Ya i have to agree withn will many people love to try many types of cigarrets just to try new flavors and just cause u smoke a certain cigarete wont make u balless or gay!!! its just things people like to do like me for instance i love smoking djarum cloves there delicioous and i just started smoking camels frosts and for anybody wondering they are awsome and way worth getting and now im going to go try the infused thanks for the info guys… plus anyone who doesnt know what cloves are… they are a special blend of a plant in india that doctors normaly use to numb patients at dentist offices and when u smoke them they normally make u numb… its awsome:] booyaa for camel frosts yo

    23. Yeagerbomb19 says:

      I have tried all of the Signature blends. First off, I really don’t like menthols all that much but I LOVE the Frost! The Infused are really good, the Robust is OK, and the Mellow is just too light for me. It all depends on what you like. If you want to know what they are like, just try them. However, I still have my all-time favorite of Wides…just what I think. Also, only the Infused and Frost have the flavor beads(I hve checked.)

    24. Zack says:

      Hey ok im confused, I smoke frosts and dont know if their menthols? U wud think that if they were it wud say on the pack, but it doesnt but my friend said all signatures are menthols, and another said none of them are and that their all just flavored. SO????

    25. Mellow Man says:

      I bought two packs of the Mellows (2 for 1, couldn’t pass it up) last night. I have tried Frost, and though they taste good, the flavor does get old and I don’t think they are menthols at all. I smoked Kools for a long time and as a former menthol lover, I didn’t recognize even a hint of menthol in the Frosts. They are like Marlboro smooths minus the menthol. As for the Mellow blend, I would say they are very poor. I would say they have more longevity than Frosts, and are good for people who want a very mildly flavored lighter cigarette. I’m looking forward to trying Robust and Infused.

      One other thing… Mellows are said to be 100% turkish tobacco with no domestic in the blend. Some people might find that appealing.

    26. Domo says:

      When I started smoking about 2 years ago I started on New Ports then swiched to Marlboro Smooths but they both hurt my chest then I tried the Frosts and they feel like a full flaver but with a menthol feel as well, so I recomend Frost for anyone thats trying to find a new menthol or whatever it is

    27. skaterboy says:

      want to know what RJ Reynolds have to say about it? well here it is:
      RESTRICTED: This e-mail is intended for the addressee only and should not be
      forwarded. The following information is being provided to you based on your
      e-mail to R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company.

      Hi Justin,

      Since you have confirmed that you are a legal-age consumer of tobacco products,
      we are glad to answer your question.

      One of the flavors used to create the unique smoking experience of Camel
      Signature Frost is so delicate or aromatic that it would be lost or destroyed
      if placed on the tobacco. To protect the flavor, it is bound in a small flavor
      pellet and placed in the filter.

      Other than adding flavor, the pellet doesn’t affect the smoke delivery.
      Pellets are placed in the filters in a way to assure they don’t move, fall out
      or be drawn out during smoking.

      We appreciate your taking the time to contact us and hope this information is

      Customer Care Team

    28. Ryan says:

      I agree. That ciggy was too much for the light or menthol light smokers.. Frost aren’t bad and are smoother than the 9’s to me.

    29. fearfulflabbergasted says:

      my boyfriend wants to switch to rolling his own any suggestions to if there is any rolling tobacco like this out there?

    30. leukocyteplubming says:

      I’ve been trying to find em but nothing. need a store if possible

    31. callousrelish says:

      iv been smoking reds for ever but i wanna change to blend 27 alot of peaple told there good but i dont wanna buy them if they suck

    32. jazzychubby says:

      In the new Camel Signature Blend cigarettes what is the purpose of putting the little peice of blue plastic in the filter?

    33. chiropractoschemist says:

      If you tear the filter open in a Camel Signature Blend (i.e Infused, Robust, Mellow or Frost) you will find a small, plastic/plastic like ball of blue. What is it for?

    34. corpuscledrizzly says:

      what is the best flavored cigarette, i want to try different kinds of cigs that have a nice flavor, like apple, chocolate, or something

    35. welltodomedal says:

      Is there any menthol in Camel Signature Blend Frosts?

    36. tapauk says:

      I have searched several gas stations, and I would really like to find these cigarettes. Does anyone happen to know where they are sold?

    37. honeycook says:

      Honestly, don’t even start with
      “SMOKING IS SO BAD !~!#!@$”
      if you’re going to say that, just don’t answer.

      I’m buying some tomorrow, (yes i’m legal age)
      and i don’t know whether i should get
      camel signature frosts,
      marb virgina blends

      or my trusty oldddd marb reds/smooths.


      help :)

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