33 Camel Signature Blends Infused Flavor Cigarettes

Camel Signature Blends Infused Flavor Cigarettes Review with video

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We got our hands on another Signature Blends Cigarette from Camel. After spotting a buy 1 get 1 free promo at the local shell station out here in Metairie, Louisiana, I just had to try these out. What we have here are the new Camel Signature Blends Infused flavor of cigarettes. Are they any good? Well, let me tell you.
camel infused
As you’ve learned from my other cigarette reviews, I enjoy light cigarettes. Even though I can handle the likes of a Camel Frost, I’d much rather a Marlboro Light Marlboro Ultra Light, or, my new favorite, Camel No. 9. I don’t like strong cigarettes like the Camel Robust, which live up to the name and taste like they’ve been dipped in pancake syrup.

I was happy when, after taking my first drag, I could tell that these Infused Camel’s were light. They had a scent coming off of the box that smelled fruity, kind of like watermelon, that was also noticeable when smoking it. These could easily be called watermelon flavored cigarettes. I found these to be light, mellow, and fruity tasting. I am enjoying these and will give them two thumbs up. They’re “Smooth and Intriguing”.

Now that you’ve read this, you can stop wondering to yourself, “Anyone tried the new Camel Signature Blends Infused?” and “Are Camel Infused any good?”.

If you would like to see these cigarettes in action, just watch the video below.

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33 Responses to "Camel Signature Blends Infused Flavor Cigarettes Review with video"

  1. Stacey says:

    Thanks for your candid reviews… I also saw the buy1get1 offer and wanted to try them, but I can only handle light cigarettes; after reading your review I now know I can give them a shot! You’ve helped a fellow American… don’t you feel good about yourself??? 🙂

  2. sublime says:

    now he just has to review mellow and frost and i will be happy

  3. jose says:

    review the fuckin mellows dude cause im not old egnoth too.!

  4. larissa says:

    my friends wants your balls. she just fell in love…
    thats her email adress…her name is AMY.

  5. chirpbadminton says:

    what is the flavor that is in the orange box??? i know the blue is frost and the red is something like exudus?? whats the other???

  6. tapauk says:

    Is there any menthol in Camel Signature Blend Frosts?

  7. stragglersshuffle says:

    iv been smoking reds for ever but i wanna change to blend 27 alot of peaple told there good but i dont wanna buy them if they suck

  8. moultingclear says:

    Okay so basically as the title states, are there any recommendations? I have tried from the list below:

    Marlboro Reds
    Marlboro Mediums
    Marlboro Lights
    Marlboro 27
    Marlboro Menthol
    Marlboro Menthol Lights
    Marlboro 72’s
    Marlboro Virgina Blends
    Marlboro 54
    Marlboro Smooth
    Marlboro Menthol Milds
    Marlboro Ultra Lights
    Camel Filters
    Camel Lights
    Camel Turkish Royal
    Camel Turkish Gold
    Camel Turkish Silver
    Camel Turkish Jade
    Camel Menthol
    Camel Signature Infused
    Camel Signature Robust
    Camel Signature Frost
    Camel Signature Mellow
    Camel No. 9
    Camel No. 9 Menthol
    Camel Crush
    Benson & Hedgs
    Nat Shermans
    Lucky Strikes
    Pall Malls
    American Spirits
    Virgina Slims
    Mild Sevens
    Seven Stars

    Thats all I can remember at the moment. Oh and I am a big time cigar smoker too.. any recommendations on that too?

    And yes I know smoking is bad. It can cause lung or mouth cancer. Shorten my life span blah blah blah… Its my decision to continue and have no thoughts of quitting. Thanks in advance for those who does answer my question.

  9. muleragefilled says:

    I personally prefer Camel, i LOVE their camel frost signature blend. wintergreen menthol rocks. camels r just all around better.

    even though they kill more than marlboro for some reason… o well lol.

  10. murmerquixotic says:

    I smoke camel No. 9’s and heard my friend talking about the camel infused and thinking I would try them

    -Do they still sell them? (I heard somewhere they don’t)

    -Do they have a taste?
    +if so what is it?
    + and can you really taste it?

    are they wroth to try? Any info is helpful thank you =]

    *please no one tell me to stop smoking or that its gross or any of that. I’m not quitting so basically you don’t help me at all.

  11. bestturkey says:

    like how much they cost?
    where can you get them in ct?
    at cumberland farms?
    or any other place?

    and HOW MUCH? for a pack.
    your hilarious.
    do i seem like the type to care?

  12. costaricantrousers says:

    Hey! I wanted to try out other brands. What could you recommend? Tell me why I should try it. Thanks!
    Ok.. first of all, I didn’t really know where to post this question. (I really hope y/a creates a category for “non-categorizable” questions)

    Secondly, I was expecting for answers not sermons. Do you really think you could persuade a smoker to quit just by simply telling him/her to stop? I don’t think so… I could say, if not all, most smokers are very much aware of what the risks are. It just all depends on that person. As for me, I’ve been smoking for 3 years now. But within those years, I could like stop and not smoke for 4 months or so. I’ve tasted some good cigars and but never really got addicted. Just wanted to smoke occasionally. So..which which which brand?

  13. franticmad says:

    So far I have tried:

    Camel Signature Robust
    Camel Crush
    American Spirits Perique Blend
    Every Flavor of Black and Mild
    Marlboro Red 100’s
    Marlboro Menthol
    Marlboro Light
    Marlboro Smooth
    USA Gold (the worst cigarette ever)

    i hate to sound picky but so far none of these cigarettes have pleased me. can anyone offer any suggestions? I’m looking for a unique, smooth flavor that will give a good buzz as well. I was thinking of trying some of the camel Turkish blends. please no anti-smoke preaching thanks.

  14. bestturkey says:

    Can you plese tell me what are the all types of Marlboro and Camel cigarettes. Please! If you can give link.

    I need all the types and names of Marlboro and Camel cigarettes. Please, I can’t find full list on internet, can you help me.


  15. resolutemovement says:

    Hi im 13 and i want to know what is the best kind of tea I have only tryed regular black and flavoured green.
    whats some other types of the i can buy at a groceries store.

  16. industriouspattern says:

    What flavor are the Robust Signature Blends that Camel makes. Ive heard that they are maple, cedar, a light cig with full flavor, and just a normal full flavor cig. I have got no idea, and its drivin me crazy. Thanks

  17. zaftigdramatic says:

    If you know of a website please share .

  18. actuaryhandy says:

    I’ve searched every shop at Gariahat and even Park Street, but no luck. The signature blends of Camel cigarettes I’m looking for are Camel Robust, Camel Infused and Camel Mellow. If anyone can help me out with this then I’ll be very much thankfull.

  19. rawfishgreat says:

    I tried them today and they made my throat burn. I usually smoke Camel Menthol Wides, but I also love the new Camel Signature Blends Frost.

  20. rubberelderly says:

    I’m looking for Camel Signature Frost. Are they discontinued or are they still made?

  21. noseensorcell says:

    has anyone tried to new camel signature blend cigarettes? what were you opinons on then, and how do they relate in strength to other cigarettes (marlboro lights, etc).

    thank you!

  22. wittydrove says:

    4 new flavors frost,infused,robust,mellow. does anyone know what those mean for flavors, and when they come out thanks.

  23. delightfularound says:

    I was wondering whats the best tasting cig.

    I normall smoke superkings, its the first ever cig i smoked, its big, and its ok tastin..

    Anyone have a passion for another brand?
    19 darlin, but r u too old to giv me a lapdance? See gran thats the question x

  24. littercuckoo says:

    Where online can I order premium/classy/rare cigarettes (Djarum, Camel Exotic/Signature Blends), preferably by the pack?
    If your going to answer my question (see first answer), great. If you’re a sniveling doosh bag who thinks anybody cares about your opinion, go away.

    I smoke because I want to and if I die younger than I’m supposed to it’s because I lived a full life doing what I want and you probably got your ass beat constantly throughout childhood for sticking your mouth where nobody wants it.

  25. malarkeygreen says:

    I’ve noticed a considerable amount of cigarettes have disappeared from the local gas station. What does this include? Camel Signature Blends? Marlboro No.27? Djarum Black?

  26. oatmealflue says:

    has anyone tried to new camel signature blend cigarettes? what were you opinons on then, and how do they relate in strength to other cigarettes (marlboro lights, etc).

  27. growluneasiness says:

    Honestly, don’t even start with
    “SMOKING IS SO BAD !~!#!@$”
    if you’re going to say that, just don’t answer.

    I’m buying some tomorrow, (yes i’m legal age)
    and i don’t know whether i should get
    camel signature frosts,
    marb virgina blends

    or my trusty oldddd marb reds/smooths.


    help 🙂

  28. moultingclear says:

    ok,i know smoking is bad but i still would someone to answer this for me.this is the first time trying camel no 9 the pink one.i wanted something light anyways but i still taste that strong cigarette taste in my mouth after an hour or so.i thought light cigarettes don’t do that but i know that these cigarettes are turkish and domestic blend.is that the reason???maybe i should try the camel signature frost to get a minty taste,will that work??

  29. dullmean says:

    In the new Camel Signature Blend cigarettes what is the purpose of putting the little peice of blue plastic in the filter?

  30. boorishrippling says:

    What flavor are the Robust Signature Blends that Camel makes. Ive heard that they are maple, cedar, a light cig with full flavor, and just a normal full flavor cig. I have got no idea, and its drivin me crazy. Thanks

  31. slipcatercornered says:

    I’ve got 3 days leave. Can anyone suggest me good place(s) to visit in 3 days? I’m staying in Hyderabad.
    I’m looking for a place which I can cover in 3 days from Hyderabad. Place could be in AP or neighbouring states like Maharastra or MP.

  32. riderhighjump says:

    And which ones are the lightest. How do I buy them at the store. I’m 18 but I have extremely social anxiety and want to know what to expect? What will they ask and stuff?

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