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Camel No. 9 Cigarette Review with video.

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Camel’s got a new cigarette on the shelves. They call it the No. 9 (number 9?) and it’s awesome. If smoking wasn’t cool enough already, Camel delivers uber-super-coolness in a pink and black box now.camel no 9 It’s like 20 sticks of heaven in each and every pack. Think I’m joking? Try a pack for yourself and I promise you’ll love them. Turkish and Domestic blends of tobacco make these smokes go down like butter in your throat. What? You don’t smoke? Well you should start so you can find out if I’m telling the truth or not.

After doing some Googling, I found out that these Camel No 9 Cigs are under some scrutiny due to the marketing and labeling (pink and black box). It’s my opinion that the media and society still view women as weak minded. I hate hearing abut stuff like this. Just because this flavor of Camels are in a pink and black box and said to be “smooth” or “luxurious”, there are all these people who think women will start smoking them up just because their in a frilly box. Give me a break. I’m a big as dude and I love them. Damn it, their light, luxurious, luscious, and great!

Camel No 9 Scrutiny Article Links:
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*Update (10-12-2011)
These Camel No 9’s are still going strong. I think they’re more popular than ever. To back that statement up, I see them in every cigarette machine I’ve frequented lately. They’ve even gotten unintentionally endorsements by popular electro/dubstep producers and djs like Skrillex.

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105 Responses to "Camel No. 9 Cigarette Review with video."

  1. BookMaven says:

    hahaha you are so funny dude!!! nice review!

  2. Ben says:

    I usually smoke regular cigarettes, but i decided to try somethign new. I found this site and the review for the No. 9, bought a pack and i must say that i really like them. I’ve never really had a light cigarette, but these are darn good. For an added bonus i unknowingly got it as a buy one get one free. Thanks for the good review.

  3. william john carid says:

    hello i am an artist, and would like to subit a cover for your design here

  4. Barry says:

    i usually smoke marlboro reds, but this one day my friend handed me a number 9… dude these things are so bad ass, i bought me a pack today, i was gonna buy some reds, but i was like naaaah i should get me something different for a change, if anything i totally recommend these as more of a treat cigarette. but i think ill always be a marlboro man at heart =]

  5. logan baron says:

    Dude soooo sickkk!!! sooo funny! but yeah i saw this review and thought, damn. this guy is sweet. so i bought i pack of #9’s, so good. so thatnks 4 the reveiw u sick sick dude!

  6. Smoker says:

    Awesome review it made me laugh..
    i usually get these at our local mom and pop shop….cuz they are buy one get one free…always. as for the taste i cant quit nail the flavor ….but it is a decent smoke

  7. toupeeraging says:

    I am from France and here we buy a of carton camel blu for about 90$ and am forced to go to Texas so I would like when I go to Dallas to buy a carton of camel blu.Does any of you know the price of camel blu in big D?
    I am, wish you were too.

  8. verdantding says:

    I am looking for a book or website on owning a camel (not country specific but would prefer the UK) to learn about training and caring for this animal. Its behaviour and buying guide would be useful too.
    Thank you.

  9. gallivantstud says:

    I have a percula clownfish and a firefish in the tank. And I feed them frozen brine shrimp. I’m not sure if I’m scaring the camel shrimp or if he is just like… afraid of eating. I added them in yesterday if that will help.

  10. pullmacho says:

    I want 2 humps when I become a camel. How about you?

  11. puncturedplump says:

    I have either camel or cave crickets in my house & I think I accidentally brought them over from my mothers basement. (I just moved some of my stuff to my house from hers). I’m terrified of these things & I’ve seen one big one, and two little ones in just the last week. How do I know which one it is, how quickly do they reproduce and how do I get rid of them? I don’t remember seeing anything like them as a child. Are they a new species!?

  12. teenywoof says:

    I found a great looking camel colored leather jacket yesterday, but I look washed out in this color. I think the color is beautiful, so do you have any tips if I love the color, but it does nothing for me?
    I didn´t buy the coat yet, but will if I get some fashion help.

  13. gulliblebah says:

    Salaam Alaykum, ladies.

    I like making folds in my hijab, but I do not add those artificial bobbles that give me that camel hump in the back. I just like making folds at the very top of my scarf.
    How do I know if it’s a camel hump? Does anyone have any links to pictures?

  14. comeuppanceornery says:

    I just recently bought a cigarette machine and plan to roll my own to save a little cash. I have not bought any tobacco yet and plan to visit the Cheap Tobacco store not far from my house. I am wondering if there is a certain flavor that might taste similar to Camel Lights which is what I smoke now. Or, at least any brand or flavor that would be the closest match?

  15. shaftcarmine says:

    I am going to Lanzarote next week and I am planning to visit Timanfaya. I have read that the entry fee is around 8 euro However I cannot find out how much it is for the camel ride. If anybody could let me know I would be very grateful! Thanks

  16. lodgelevers says:

    When I was at a convenience store the other day buying a pack of cigarettes, I saw an advertisement for what looked like a new Camel Crush product and it said “coming soon” does anyone know anything about this new product or it’s release date? The last time I tried asking a sales clerk they didn’t know anything.

  17. incredulitybroken says:

    Camel is letting out a new cigarette called Camel Crush. They have a small ball in the filter that you can crush with your teeth and turn the flavor from a regular to a menthol. I just don’t know when Camel is releasing them or if they are already out, and if they are where I can get some?

  18. negativeinquisitive says:

    i have a beanie baby “humphrey the camel” it is the 6th generation well atleast we think so, it has a star on the tag on the ear, and 1998 on the tush tag. does anybody have any idea on how much, or where i can find out?

  19. zaftigdramatic says:

    I always get camel toe when I wear a thong and it’s so uncomfortable. What can i do to make this not happen?

  20. doyltsafe says:

    The other day, my thongs were all dirty, so I wore leggings without any underwear. Some girl rudely told me that I have a camel toe, and I immediately changed into shorts. I checked and I didn’t think that it looked like I did.Later, after my some of my thongs were clean, I tried one on and it looked pretty much the same as it did at school and when I left my house. I searched on the internet some and it said to put panty liner horizontal ( like a band aid) and it still looked the same. What should I do to prevent a camel toe?
    * I won’t wear regular panties with yoga pants/ leggings because I don’t want to have panty lines.*

  21. meowleaves says:

    ok, so ive been using a machine and cigarette tubes to make my cigarettes. But what is the best tobacco to use to get a cigarette similar to camel filters?

  22. boomerangcorps says:

    I have a real built sbc 350 i have 305 heads on it now im getting camel backs built for it, a matched high revving thumping cam and roller rocker kit. How much hp will i gain. I have 4:11 rear end and were getting a 4 speed muncie. How much hp will i gain and how much quicker will it be?

  23. rakepopcorn says:

    I have this place near my city that has animal shows, and there is a big camel that is kept in a small pen, and crowded with other animals. Is that bad? How do keep a camel like that? Thanks.

  24. lavendershop says:

    How has a camel adapted to live in its environment?

  25. plantarteal says:

    I know camel humps are haraam in Islam and I need the answer for this because I don’t no the proper way of wearing the hijab.

  26. glowleep says:

    I swear that the other day I saw a red or dark colored pink box of Camel Crushs. It wasn’t an actual box it was and advertisement that said coming soon. But it was right next to the regular Crushs and I couldby clearly see it. I have bad eye sight.

  27. negativeinquisitive says:

    Morphsuits wern’t meant for men. No matter what do, i can’t hide the inevidable camel toe that comes free with the purchase of every single morphsuit.

  28. clumsycookie says:

    If you look closely, the camel spider appears to be two camel spiders that have been connected. Look at the middle of the picture. See the jaws of the lower one? Also, since when does a camel spider have more than a dozen legs? Never. The lower “half” of this “camel spider” has 10 legs, the usual amount. This picture is obviously a fake.

  29. fitswolf says:

    Yesterday I went to a BP and bought a pack Camel Blues for the first time. The guy charged me a little over $9. Did I get beat or are these cigarettes really that expensive?

  30. smartbah says:

    I smoked camel kush on the 27 of July would my system be clean already??
    Help me I need help fast!

  31. eelbright says:

    What is camel cheese called in Arabic? and what are the other cheeses called in Arabic? I have discovered laban and labnah: very good!

  32. luckwriter says:

    Pulled this engine out and would like to know if it is a 2 or 4 bolt main and if it has camel back heads.Any help would be appreciated.

  33. rubberelderly says:

    It’s a recliner made out of tan camel hide. It was given to us by a family member. It smells horribly of cat and stale cigarettes. How can we clean the thing effectively? Please help ASAP. Any info would be helpful. Grazi.

  34. shockingglossy says:

    I saw somethign taht Camel Filters have almost the highest Tar.. But i am a loyal Filter man. Smoke nothing else for almost 10 years.

    But is there somehting that has slightly less tar. But is as Satisfying and tastes as good as Camel Filters?

  35. dumplingsdeadshrub says:

    I usually smoke Marb Menthols but I notice that camels are a lot cheaper by my house. Which kind would be a good one to try? Camel Menthol, or No. 9 menthol? Or Camel crush menthol?

  36. welltodomedal says:

    I mean all camel toes are the same shape, I just don’t know why some are so big!

  37. mumpsimusburnt says:

    I can do all spins, except layback. I can do almost all doubles. BUT I CAN’T DO THE FREAKING CAMEL SPIN PROPERLY!

    I can’t raise my leg high at all and I spin so s l o w l y. When entering the spin, I keep my left shoulder up and try to look at my leg. I keep my head up, back arched slightly. What’s the issue?

  38. narrowpipelayer says:

    It is IMPOSSIBLE for a camel to get through a needle. Is it therefore impossible for a rich man to get into heaven?

  39. minnowpuncture says:

    I have this camel and navy blue striped cardigan. However I don’t know what stuff to match it with such as shoe colour, pants and top (to wear under the cardigan) colour. Can anyone tell me what colours of shoes, trousers and top go with it?

  40. plantsroots says:

    The camel is a Camel cigarette and the needle is the Space Needle in Seattle. For a rich person to get into heaven is only slightly harder than a cigarette flying through the framework of the Space Needle. In other words, not a problem.

  41. cynicaldiving says:

    Do you like the camel infused cigarettes? Is the flavor of them good? Do they leave a bad after taste? What about the Marlboro Smooths? I know smoking is bad so please dont tell me that.

  42. noseensorcell says:

    My friend is trying out for volleyball and they have to wear compression pants as the uniform but the upper classmen don’t have underwear lines or camel toe! She needs help ASAP to know what to wear under it!

  43. fillercashew says:

    When you open a box of Camel Menthol Silvers, there’s a picture of a little man, what looks like a distance legend on a map, and the Camel camel. Underneath, it says 1mi. What does this mean? You wouldn’t be one mile from a Camel if you were opening the box.

  44. delightfularound says:

    No. 9 Camel (pink) and Camel Lights.

  45. ulnahorns says:

    Do not give me the crap about how I am going to get cancer. I know the affects of tobacco and how it is harmful, but what is the best tasting and best beginning Camel cigarette?

    Also, I have heard people say Camel Wides are very smooth and very easy to take a drag off of is this true?
    By best beginning I mean not to harsh.
    Also I hate menthols.

  46. waterpolopistonhead says:

    A camel sets out to cross the desert, which is 23.9 km wide in the north-south direction. The camel walks at the unifrom speed 4.26 km/hr along a straight line in the direction 35.5° north of East.

    A) How long will it take the camel to cross the desert? Answer in units of hr.

    B) Calculate the camel’s eastward displacement while he crosses the desert. Answer in units of km.

  47. dripstrange says:

    I’m a college student and my debate class is having a scenario around importing camel spiders from the middle east, the other side says its illegal and the person would be caught, my side needs ideas. How would it be legally done?

  48. muttertingley says:

    Hey guys, i was just curious as to what the Camel equivalent of a Marlboro red is? I tried the camel lights and really like them, so im wondering what their stronger tasting one is similar to the Marlboro 100’s thanks. Please answer seriously, i know the risks of smoking.

  49. wittydrove says:

    When i smoke a marlboro red, its a smooth strong taste. bur when i smoke a camel itts got such a bad taste that makes it unsmokeable. it gives you that disgusting ‘pinch’ of chemicals. i know all cigs are mostly made up of chemicals but why is camels so relevant? ALL camels.

    -Oh smoking is bad for ya? so is eating a greasy cheeseburger.

  50. rakepopcorn says:

    I tell you, these animals don’t know how to die. Let me tell you something and this is no crap – Australia has over 1 million feral camels. It’s going to take death squads to cull them. The cost of bullets will be in the hundreds of thousands.

  51. wittydrove says:

    What if we take some penguins to the Sahara desert and we take some camels to Antarctica, who would cope better with their new environment, or at least who will last longer?

  52. venezuelanpartridge says:

    Everyone rides horses. Camels, elk, and other similarly sized large animals are nowhere near as popular. Why is this? Why did we pick horses?

  53. disappointedapricot says:

    I know that giraffes can go longer without water than camels but why? Camels obviously need to store water as they live in a desert but why giraffes?

  54. shotlazy says:

    I have smoked Marlboro for the longest time and I want to try some Camels. Can you tell me the different types and the flavor etc?

  55. jackprairiedog says:

    I’m doing a science project about camels, and I need some info plz

  56. smartbah says:

    A camel has to carry 3,000 bananas across a 1,000 mile desert.
    These are the two conditions.
    1. The camel can only carry 1,000 bananas at a time.
    2. The camel eats one banana for each mile she travels.
    What is the maximum number of bananas that will reach the other side of the desert?

    Hint: The answer is more than 500.
    Another Hint: The camel can drop off loads

  57. sweetblackcurrant says:

    I am doing a project and i need to know human positive and negative influences on the desert. Well i asked my teacher if road side bombs would affect camels. He then looked at me as if it were a stupid question. Well I am here to prove him wrong

  58. brieftiding says:

    how does the dromedary camel survive in the desert?if u know any web sites on them please tell me

  59. coupleaverage says:

    My husband brought some camel meat from and Indian store. He wanted to try something different. Being an American, I never heard of eating camel. Can you please help me with some recipes on how to cook this poor animal.

  60. teenywoof says:

    I mean, I know what a camel is (lol) but what does the slang “camel toe” mean in dating?

  61. masticatehappy says:

    We live in house in country side. my neighbour has got a camel. it comes to our farm and ruins everything, we have tried to push him away but didn’t work. we have tried to beat the camel up but instead it beat the crap out my uncle. we tried throwing hot water but didn’t work.
    Any other ways of scaring the camel?

  62. smartbah says:

    my little sister wants to own a camel and we live in maine on a busy-ish street. we have a big yard and everything, but even if it was possible to care for a camel in maine, would the town and state even allow for it. obviously my sister is young but im just wondering.

  63. skinnyrugby says:

    Overnight a camel and buffalo were put closely together however, came morning and the buffalo was dead. How in the blue hell did a camel take down a buffalo? of course, I have thought of how it could have happened but the camel going for the buffalo’s weak spot is hardly convincing me. But in all seriousness how could this have happened?

  64. franticmad says:

    Im just learning my camel spin and i kinda suck.
    Its frustrating
    Please help?

  65. listenercells says:

    Alright so I realize this is a really stupid question but do camel spiders actually eat camels. Or do they eat smaller prey they find on the ground???

  66. shockingglossy says:

    I dont know, somebody helpme! So on e of my friends tell me he likes “CAMEL TOE,” what is it???

  67. boomerangcorps says:

    What is their history? I have a 283 with 327 Camel Back heads…is that good?

  68. crapulencerustic says:

    I think I have quite a big vagina, well the outside bit, I don’t have anything dangling down lol! I think they are called the lips? Well anyways everytime I wear something tight or a bikini it’s really obvious and I get camel toe!! Is there anything to stop this other than buying bigger sizes, as I am quite skinny and small.. Please help its sooo embarasing!??

  69. pepperyouthful says:

    My flying camel is so bad I can only get about five rotations until I slow down!
    Can someone give me some tips on how to get a long-lasting and fast flying camel????

    i want mine to look like hers? -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xdoAhKyPv2g&feature=related

    Also, any tips on catch foot camels and the layover camel spin that Yuna Kim does?

  70. graveywith says:

    My friend is having trouble staying balanced on her camel. she can get started but then falls flat on her face. On her spinning foot is where she needs help with. She does not know if it is just balance. Her coaches say different. Please help me so i can tell her what she needs to do different?

  71. growluneasiness says:

    adaptive features of camel

  72. smartbah says:

    why do African camels only have one hump but Asian camels have two?

  73. plantsroots says:

    I dreamt of a horserace around a racetrack, but instead of horses, there were camels. At the end of the first lap, one of the camels collapsed and I said, ‘this camel is exhausted. If you make it run another lap it is going to die’. Any ideas?

  74. blackcurrantthe says:

    why dont camel ciggerettes make camel dollars any more?

  75. biscuityawn says:

    Where was the first two hump camel race held in the United States?

  76. waterpolopistonhead says:

    This a serious question please don’t be rude? So I found these really cute jegging material high waist shorts and I loved them But they gave me this semi visible camel toe that I hated! I’m a size medium but a pear shaped body anyways I thought okay fine I’ll get a bigger size no problem even with an XL it still made it look like I had one so I’m starting to think it’s the fabric that isn’t doing me any favors how can I stop this? I really did like those shorts

  77. friendlyvaluable says:

    Camels live in extreme conditions (‘The Desert’) – So how does it:-
    – Compete with other animals for food and Shelter etc?
    – Adaptation Features is there on a camel?
    – Survives in the Hot Weather and sandy storms?
    Has anyone got any ideas???

  78. futuristicgurgle says:

    I usually smoke American Spirits mellow taste ( I prefer the organics but I can’t find them any were only place I ever got any were in Orlando), I like a full tobacco flavor, I tend to prefer a more spicy or wooden tobacco flavor rather than sweet or nutty. I like my drags to not be to harsh but not to light either I want it to be a little more on the harsh side, and I want a very good buzz and minimal or no chemical taste. Also if you’ve tried menthol Newports,Camel Crush Bold, or American Spirit Perique or American Spirit original filter let me know how those are please, Thanks! By the way I know smoking is bad for me I appreciate that people care enough to encourage me to quit but that is not what I am looking for right now and believe it or not i don’t smoke any more than 5 or 6 cigarettes a week.

  79. sweetblackcurrant says:

    I have been skating for a few years and my coach just introduced camel spins to me. I am so terrified of falling that I have barley tried. Last year I was doing my spiral and fell forward and broke my arm, and have been hesitant to do them ever since. Any advice on how I could get over this fear of camels and spirals? I really want to try but Im just so scared! Thanks!
    Also, can anyone give me some advice on how to get my sit spin to work? I can never get it right! thanks.

  80. ripcavities says:

    i have recieved a simple math task.
    the requirement is:
    a messenger camel must travel 1000km across the desert and back , eating one banana each km. what is the smallest amount of bananas the camel needs to eat and why? the camel can only carry 1000 bananas at a time. it can make stores of bananas. working please.
    it must travel to the destination AND back = 2000km

  81. anvilbank says:

    what different brands
    (light, filter….)
    personally i smoke Marlboro 27’s
    but my friends have been talking alot about camel’s signature brands
    which i know about nothing about
    what’s does camel commonly sell?
    what’s signature blends?
    what’s your favorite camel cigarettes?

  82. doyltsafe says:

    They discovered that walmart camel didn’t they? Of course, it died like 10,000 years ago but that confused me because aren’t camels mainly desert creatures? Found only in the middle eastern area? Why would they trek all the way to north america? 10,000 years ago would’ve been the ice age, but that’s a different type of desert…
    I mean NATIVE to north america, like found in the desert.

  83. venezuelanpartridge says:

    Hi!!! So I Need To Know What Type Of Camel Lives in The Desert. I Also Need To Know If It’s a Producer Or Consumer! Thanks!:)

  84. wallgreasy says:

    I have a maths question that I’m confused on:

    An ancient Bedouin willed one- half of his camels to his oldest son, one- third to his second son, and one ninth to his youngest son. When the father died, he had 17 camels. The sons could not see how to divide this herd accordingly to their inheritance without killing some of the camels.

    They called on an uncle to solve this problem for them. The uncle added one of his own camels to the herd, making it 19 camels in all, then gave each son his share of the 18 camels and took his own camel back.

    How was it possible for each son to receive more than his share of the 17 camels, and at the same time have the uncle get his camel back?

    Please help me work out and answer this question! Thank you!

  85. eelbright says:

    First off I’m sorry to use the phrase “camel toe”, I don’t really know how to describe this while being polite haha. My boyfriend loves it when I wear my new yoga pants and claims my butt looks really nice, well generally yes women’s backsides do look nice in stretchy black fabric, but I feel self-conscious sometimes when I wear them because they always seem to ride up in the front and create the dreaded “camel toe”, it’s especially bad because there is a seam right down the middle. I’m basically wondering is it just me? Do other women have this issue with yoga pants and what do you do, just ignore it or wear a long shirt or what? I guess I have never really examined other women in yoga pants until I bought some myself! Thanks.

  86. gulliblebah says:

    I just started learning camel spins and im finding it quite challenging

    Sometimes i get in the correct position if spinning and sometimes idont.
    I dont understand how after the wind up and you go into a deep edge how you spin from their?
    I keep forgetting to straighten my leg so i was thinking if i straighten my leg after the edge i might be able to spin?

    Also how is my body position supposed to be?
    Im very good at spirals and if you have any tips on a camel spin please help me!

  87. toylump says:

    Are soldiers able to open fire upon camel spiders at base?

    Is this about as big as they get? http://www.camelspiders.net/large-camel-spider-picture.htm

    Is it true that these things will eat peoples arms and legs at night while they are sleeping?

    Any other interesting stories or anything about your experiences with these nastys?

  88. disappointedapricot says:

    How is camel’s skin special to keep his body temperature, and how can the camel’s hump special to keep food and water?

  89. masticatehappy says:

    It feels like every other day at school that I have the most severe camel toe ever, and sometimes I don’t notice it until people start looking at my crotch a lot or are snickering in class.

    Why do I get camel toe so often, and how do I prevent it?

  90. pastaglobal says:

    Where do camels store water? i know it is not in their humps because they store fat in there. Anyone know?

  91. fitswolf says:

    Camel Spiders look venomous because they have large fangs.

  92. accidentalbladder says:

    im stuck on my science and have no idea what camels compete for please hep

  93. chirpdiscmushroom says:

    With all the Senate hearings and the MSA, is Joe Camel banned? As in, could RJR bring him back if they wanted to in any form?
    If he is, what law or section of law bans him?

  94. toylump says:

    i have to write a report on camel farming in kanya but i cant find many advantages or disadvantages so if you could just give me some help please
    btw the report is in for monday… thanks

  95. frantictranquil says:

    Is it illegal to own a camel? I really want one. I live in USA if that helps.

  96. wittydrove says:

    Do you like seeing camel toe on women? What if there hot, what if there not?
    Have you seen the Weird Al camel toe song? Funny, check it out on youtube.

  97. fillercashew says:

    What happens if a person gets bitten by a camel spider? How bad is it compared to a bite from a poisonous spider ? And do Camel spiders inject venom ? I heard scientist extracted stuff from the spiders and injected it into lizards and it parlayed the lizards, but they still aren’t sure about methods of how the camel spider gets venom prey without humans manually doing it.
    You didn’t really answer my question, except for the last bit about venom.
    But my info came from almighty Wiki

  98. polentateeth says:

    I need to know where the camels heart is. One of the article says that is on the underside of the root of the tail. Wouldnt that be hard for the blood that is oxygen filled to travel to. And if anyone by chance knows where i can find internal anatomy diagrom on the website, it would be greatly appreciated!

  99. meowleaves says:

    I was wondering if theres a certain type of camel that almost tastes like Marlboro Red since marlboro red is more expensive than camel ive heard of this camel crema is it good? hmmm i havent tried a different brand other than marlboro red since i dont wanna waste my money buying a nasty cigarette brand since im really budgeting my money for cigarettes i dont want any regrets from buying a cig.

  100. bewfunnel says:

    how to camels and cacti cope with lack of water, high temperatures and shifting sand

  101. oatmealflue says:

    Please please please help, I need to know the reasons why bactrian camels are endangered.

    Thanx 10 points best answer

  102. shaftcarmine says:

    Do people really eat camel meat? I watched Inside natures giants on Channel4. It was a very good program until the very end when they linked it to Darwinism. Camels according to the program originally came from the deserts of North America down to South America to Africa not necessarily in that order and finally to Australia. To me all deserts are the same – harsh. When they were in America they had hooves but by the time they got to Australia they had split hooves to adapt to the desert environment which didn’t make a lot of sense to me because they came form exactly the same environment
    Thank God I don’t eat meat. I didn’t really stray, all this came up in the program my question may be a little inadequate. Tentofield I’m still not clear about the evolution I suppose because it did not come up in the program. They dissected and analysed camels and I see them in Africa, India or anywhere. I didn’t even know Australia had camels its a first for me. But don’t get me wrong it was a every educational program

  103. ascensionbustard says:

    what are the most popular ones?

    and are camel filters sold? and are camel unfilters sold?

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