Boxer Ruann Visser Falls Through Ropes In South Africa!

6' 10" South African Boxer Ruann Visserr falls through the ropes and injures his left arm before his fight against Tian Fick.

South African Heavyweight Champion, boxer Ruann Visser, falls through the ropes and injured himself during the pre-fight announcements.

We’ve got a weird one here going on in South Africa. Heavyweight champion, the South African heavyweight champion Ruann Visser is forced to withdraw from his bout a championship bout because of injury when he fell out of the ring during prefight during announcements, as we can see here. We’ve got the champ. He’s getting loose. He got way too loose. The ropes were too loose.

Go ahead and watch this one more time. He was bouncing off the ropes and getting loose. He was feeling it, Oh no, he felt it too much. I would imagine someone is going to lose their job over this. Safety of the fighters should be very important. This could have been even more dangerous had the fighter been pressed up against the ropes with his opponent and they both fall out of the ring. Imagine that crazy video out of South Africa. Ruann Visser. I’m pronouncing that wrong. Somebody leave a comment in the description and let me know so I can get it right. Incredible footage. Incredible footage. Boxer falls out of the ring.

The shocking footage was caught on camera phones by several audience members showing Visser getting loose by bouncing off the ropes near his corner. One of the top ropes have way leading to the champion falling over and to the ground.

The bout had to be cancelled because of injuries sustained by Ruann Visser. No word yet on if or when this heavyweight boxing match between 6’ 10” Ruann Visser vs Tian Fick will be rescheduled.

Ruann Visser’s father and trainer, Nefdt Visser appear to be ready to take legal action as he feels his son could have made $100,000 in Vegas by winning this bout. Here’s a quote from dad:
“He’s full of bruises. His left arm is really stiff and sore. I will sit down with Boxing SA, I will sit down with my legal team – the system’s failing in boxing, and it’s time someone pays for their mistake.”

I’m not sure if this boxing lawsuit will be aimed at the sanctioned governing bodies, the venue or both.