Bell + Howell Disk Lights Review – Solar Powered Outdoor Accent Lighting

This is my review of the as-seen-on-tv product, Disk Lights. These solar powered, led outdoor accent lights are sold on late night tv and in print ads as well as on internet ads under the brand name Bell and Howell.


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Bell and Howell was founded way back in 1907. If you want to understand why this is such a successful and popular brand of items to seen on late night television and in online ads for as-seen-on-tv gadgets, this is important information to know. There’s something about that name, maybe part of it to do with the brand’s long history, which instills trust in older people.

Once of the brand’s most recent changing of hands came in 2011, when Versa Capital Management, Inc. purchased all assets associated with Bell + Howell. In fact, this company has been all over the place for over 100 years. I found the following article from 1983 which lays out another move for the company:

This is all to say that there’s so much to say about the power of a brand and logo. This company started out from two guys who were in the film industry and wanted to protect their motion camera inventions. Now they’re selling rinky-dink gadgets at 3AM to people who need a quick thrill of buying something…..anything.

Bell howell disk lights review: solar-powered lights * as seen on tv *.

Bell howell disk lights as seen on tv.

Bell Howell Disk Lights Review: Solar-Powered Lights * As Seen on TV *.

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As seen on TV solar disk lights, solar disk lights products, solar disk lights as seen on TV.

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Bell howell disk lights as seen on tv.

Bell howell led disk lights solar powered.


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