Axe Body Spray Review

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Axe does not just have body sprays. It sells deodorant sticks, roll-ons, anti-perspirants, aftershaves, shower gels, and just recently it started selling shampoo. I have yet to try any of these other products, but I will definitely try them in the nearer future since I have been fairly impressed with some of the body sprays.

I really like wearing Axe when it’s hot outside because you can smell the spray instead of sweat. As with any deodorant or deodorant spray, Axe should not be used as a cover up for body odor. If you got a hot date tonight, consider trying out Axe body spray. I’m sure your date will be impressed.
But the Axe scent that really gets me all hot and bothered (I’m actively searching for a suitor who wears it) is Axe Dark Temptation, which was inspired by the mouthwatering scent of chocolate. (You may remember the hilarious commercial where the chocolate man strolls around town while insatiable females bite off his various body parts.) Dark Temptation was also created by Gottlieb (who I joked should write a book called “I Scented Your Life”) and smells as delicious as it sounds. More warm and spicy than sugary sweet, the aroma is surprisingly sophisticated and extremely seductive, thanks to a combo of amber, red peppercorn, and, of course, a touch of chocolate. And at $4.99 a bottle, you can afford to douse your man with it, because trust me, once you get a whiff of the addictive scent, you’re not going to want him to wear anything else.

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A unique all-over deodorant bodyspray that combines a quality fragrance with effective deodorant protection to keep you smelling great all day or all night.

An all-over bodyspray that combines a seductive, longer-lasting fragrance with effective deodorant protection. Experience the Axe effect anytime, anywhere.
So I am a user of alot of colognes and sprays, my top scents topping the charts at over 150 a bottle. The smell of those expensive bottles are worth the overpriced names they come with. When AXE first came out with this one I was skeptical as I try all the new scents and always am not very pleased. I used to use AXE as a cover up smell after working out, or just a smell to throw on but after a few hours it would go away or not remain. Upon buying this it smelled lighter, a little less…masculine if you will though it is not a problem whatsoever. This smell is heavy enough to last through the day but light enough to not overwhelm company around you. It may not make angels fall from the sky however out of all my fragrances my girlfriend seems to prefer this over all of them because it is something she and I both like as a scent. I was giving axe no hope with this scent but it seems out of all of them there is a diamond in the rough