Axe Body Spray Review (Clix)

If you want some swag, you’d better start spraying yourself with Axe body spray. Every time I use it, sexy Asian girls with big boobs show up in little bikinis.

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Essence — “A fragrance of contrast. Shows both his good side and bad side.”
Touch — “She’ll experience the seductive effects of this fresh, masculine fragrance.”
Phoenix — “A powerful, sensual rush for that easygoing, guy next door effect.”
Voodoo — “Oriental, spicy effect.
Apollo — “Modern, Sexy, clean-cut, super-jock effect.”
Orion — “An energetic, exhilarating scent, for the extreme sports guy effect.”
Tsunami -“A fresh ocean breeze meets citrus scent-for the trendy, connected guy effect. A whiff of this stuff will convince the most stylish chick that you can hang.”
Kilo — “A warm, ambery scent-for the outdoor guy effect without the outdoor guy smell. Spray on some and teach her how to start a fire.”
Clix — This one is reviewed here in the video below. I would describe this fragrance as a can of hoe-go-getter. You’re definitely going to find a lady that’s Hurtin’ For A Squirtin’.
Enjoy the video below featuring Clix Scented Axe Body Spray. As you’ll see, chicks definitely like this fragrance. It’s like magic.