ADTRIP Wireless Charging Kit Review (Wireless Charging an iPhone 5s for Under $10!)

This is my review for what could be my sleeper purchase of the year. The ADTRIP wireless charging kit brings Qi wireless charging, a technology being built-in to the most modern phones, to your slightly dated iPhone 5 and similarly aged phones.

**Experimenting with fair use. What do you think of the editing change in this video? Did you find it entertaining? Did it ad to your viewing experience? Leave a comment to let me know.**

This wireless charging kit provided me wireless charging for my iPhone 5s for under $10. The technology is called Qi charging which is wireless, inductive charging.

I combined a battery case, along with this ADTRIP wireless charging kit, to make the ultimate sandwich of power for my iPhone 5s.

To see it in action, watch the review.


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