🎵🎵 Raymond Ciste – Family Reunion 🎵🎵

Is there a niche in music for original, gay, interracial country songs? Let me know in the comments.
Apparently, Ray’s wife has driven him into a strange place.


I met some black dudes, on a Sunday
It was a big group, but only one gay
I could tell by the rainbow on his sunshade
short hair, I wonder if his junk has the same fade

I walked up to the group, I asked what’s his name
they told me t-bone, I said I like his frame
They said he’s hung like a mule and I started to drool
He’s got that African fuel to fill my brown jewel

Family reuinion, I brought some beer
malt liquer, pack of swishers and and my motives are clear
My loins are hotter than a barbeque
fix me a plate of that cue goo

We don’t need to be family to be tight knit
we’re all brothers, different mothers and your chocolate
This is the time to bond, meat by the pond
and you can plug my butthole